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cdxar(1)							     cdxar(1)


  cdxar	- Read the Extended Attribute Record from a CD-ROM


  /usr/bin/cdxar [-s number] [-b] file


  -s number
      Specifies	the File Section for which the XAR is to be read.  The
      numbering	starts with one	and number can be any whole number. If this
      option is	not used, the last file	section	of the named file is assumed.

  -b  Copies the entire	XAR from a CD-ROM in binary format to standard out-

      Names a file or directory	within the CD-ROM file hierarchy of a mounted
      CD-ROM File System.


  The cdxar command accesses the Extended Attribute Record (XAR) associated
  with the File	Section	of a file or directory and lists its contents on
  standard output.

  The output is	formatted in a table that contains the name of each field of
  the XAR and the corresponding	contents of the	entry as recorded on the CD-
  ROM. Note that the Application Use Field and the Escape Sequences are	not
  listed because they may contain non-printable	characters.

  If the command is used without the -b	option,	only the fixed part of the
  XAR is copied	from the CD-ROM.

  Users	must have read permission for file in order to execute the command.


  The following	exit values are	returned:

  0   The command was successful.

  1   The named	file was not found, or was not within the CD-ROM hierarchy,
      or access	permission was denied.

  2   The File Section indicated by -s does not	exist.

  3   The File Section indicated by -s has no XAR.

  4   The File Section indicated by -s is not on the mounted CD-ROM.


  Functions:  cd_cxar(3), cd_xar(3)