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cdsuf(1)							     cdsuf(1)


  cdsuf	- read the System Use Fields from a System Use Area


  cdsuf	[-s number] [-b] file


  The following	options	are available:

  -s number
      Specifies	the File Section for the System	Use Area to be read.  The
      numbering	starts with one. If this option	is omitted the last File Sec-
      tion of that file	is assumed.

  -b  Copies all of the	System Use Fields of the System	Use Area from the
      CD-ROM to	standard output	in binary format.

      The name of any file or directory	within the CD-ROM file hierarchy.


  This command is used to access the System Use	Fields of the System Use Area
  associated with a File Section of a file or directory	on a Rock Ridge	for-
  matted CD-ROM	and to list its	contents on standard output, following any
  Continuation Fields that may be present.

  The output is	formatted in the form of a table that contains an entry	for
  each System Use Field	in the System Use Area as recorded on the CD-ROM.
  Each table entry has the fields Signature, Length, Version, and Data as
  specified in the System Use Sharing Protocol.	If the -b option is used, the
  contents of the full System Use Area are written to standard output in
  binary format	as it is recorded on the CD-ROM.


  The user must	have read permission for file to execute the command success-


  The following	exit values are	returned:

  0   Successful completion.

  1   File not found, file is not a file or directory within a CD-ROM file
      hierarchy, or access denied.

  2   File Section indicated by	-s does	not exist.

  3   File Section indicated by	-s has no System Use Area.