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 ccdcudfgen(1)						       ccdcudfgen(1)
 HP-UX								       HP-UX

      ccdcudfgen - HP 9000 CCDC code user defined font generating utility


		 |			       |
		 |			       |
		 |	HP 9000 CCDC Code      |
		 | User Defined Font Generator |
		 |			       |

       User Defined Font Generating System

       User can execute the UDF generator on a HP9000 terminal.

       $ ccdcudfgen < return >

       The following messages will show on the screen :

	 * (c) HP-UX CCDC User Defined Font Generator Utility	*
	 * (c) ccdcudfgen Version A.03.00			*
	 * (c) All Rights Reserved, 1994 Hewlett Packard Taiwan *

		     * User Defined Font Generator *

	ccdcudfgen: Only 346 fonts are officially supported.
	ccdcudfgen: If more than 346 characters are needed then contact HP

	ccdcudfgen: Note that font file should reside in WORKING directory !
	ccdcudfgen: New file or not ? (y/n)

       Demand user to confirm if user want to create a new file or not.
       User can key in Y or y and press < return > to confirm, or key in N

				    - 1 -	  Formatted:  August 2, 2006

 ccdcudfgen(1)						       ccdcudfgen(1)
 HP-UX								       HP-UX

       or n to denote it is an already existing file.

       The screen will again show the following message :

	ccdcudfgen: Please input font file name :

       Key in the font file name and press < return >, then it will enter
       the main screen of the system.

       1. UDF system functional description

	 The screen is composed of three sub-screen areas

	 (1). The font area : Working area of the UDF, the added or updated
			      font will appear in this area.

	 (2). The message area : The message displaying area between the
				 system and user.

	 (3). The menu area : It is used to display the functions system
			      are offerring now.

       2. Screen description

	 After the system is started, it will enter main menu area, and
	 the main menu including :

	 F1 or press 'd' : Display Font, include the following sub-menu :

	      . Next or press 'n' : Display next font

	      . Previous or press 'p' : Display previous font

	      . First or press 'f' : Display first font

	      . Last or press 'l' : Display last font

	      . Change Mode or press 'c' : Change mode between Tele-Code
					   or Key-Code for the order of
					   the display

	      . Auto Scan or press 'a' : Automatically scan from first font
					 to the last. During the display,
					 user can press any key to stop it.

	      . Search or press 's' : Search for a specific font

	      . End or press 'e' : Exit this sub-menu and back to main menu

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 ccdcudfgen(1)						       ccdcudfgen(1)
 HP-UX								       HP-UX

	 F2 or press 'a' : Add Font
	 F3 or press 'm' : Modify Font

	     . Mark or press 'M' : To mark a point in the current cursor

	     . Connect or press 'C' : Connect the marked point to the
				      current cursor position

	     . Fill One Point or press 'F' : Fill in one point in the
					     current cursor position

	     . Delete One Point or press 'D' : Delete the current cursor
					       position point

	     . Key Code Modify or press 'K' : To modify the Key-Code of
					      this font

	     . TeleCode Modify or press 'T' : To modify the Tele-Code of
					      this font

	     . Invert or press 'I' : To invert the whole font area. That
				     means, filled points will be deleted,
				     and un-filled points will be added.

	     . Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow :
		 Use the current cursor position as origin, and shift the
		 partial font area represented by sector up, down, left,
		 or right.

	     . Sector or press '5' : To select partial font area as sector

	     . Erase or press '6' : Erase the partial font area(sector)

	     . Load or press '7' : Load a font. User can choose to load from
				   current font file or reference external
				   font file.

	     . Memorize & Merge or press '8' :
		 Save the current font into a buffer area and merge the font
		 originally in the buffer area with the current font into a
		 new font.

	     . End or press 'Q' : Exit this sub-menu and back to main menu

	  F4 or press 'z' : Delete the font

	  F5 or press 'p' : Print the fort : Print the font from a printer

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 ccdcudfgen(1)						       ccdcudfgen(1)
 HP-UX								       HP-UX

	  F6 or press 'f' : Assign external font file for processing

	  F7 : Choose to process 16*16 size font or 24*24 font

	  F8 or press 'e' : Exit the system

      ccdcudfgen was developed by TSDO.

      ccdcudf(1), ccdc-et(1), et-ccdc(1), ccdcudfdown(1), ccdcudfgen(1)

				    - 4 -	  Formatted:  August 2, 2006