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CAL(1)                      General Commands Manual                     CAL(1)

       cal - display a calendar

       cal [ [ month ] year ]

       cal  displays  a  calendar  for the specified year.  If a month is also
       specified, a calendar for that month only is displayed.  If neither  is
       specified, a calendar for the present month is printed.

       year  can  be between 1 and 9999.  Be aware that `cal 78' refers to the
       early Christian era, not the 20th century.  Also, the  year  is  always
       considered to start in January, even though this is historically naive.

       month is a number between 1 and 12.

       The calendar produced is that for England and her colonies.

       Try September 1752.

                               9 September 1987                         CAL(1)