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ARCH(1)                     General Commands Manual                    ARCH(1)

       arch - display the architecture of the current host

       arch -k
       arch archname

       arch displays the application architecture of the current host system.

       Sun  systems  can  be  broadly classified by their architectures, which
       define what executables will run on which machines.  A distinction  can
       be  made  between kernel architecture and application architecture (or,
       commonly, just "architecture").  Machines that  run  different  kernels
       due  to  underlying  hardware  differences  may be able to run the same
       application programs.  For example, the MC68020-based Sun-3/160  system
       and  the MC68030-based Sun-3/80 system run different SunOS kernels, but
       can execute the same applications.  These machines could  be  described
       as  having  "the  same  application architecture" but "different kernel

       Executing  arch  will  display  the  application  architecture  of  the
       machine, such as sun3, sun4, etc.  All machines of the same application
       architecture will execute the same application programs, or user  bina-

   Current Architectures

       tab  (;),  center;  cB    cB    cb cB   cB   cb l    l    l .  Applica-
       tion;Kernel;Current   Sun    Architecture;Architecture;System    Models
       sun3;sun3;3/50,  3/60, 3/75, 3/110, 3/140, ;;3/160, 3/180, 3/260, 3/280
       sun3;sun3x;3/80, 3/460, 3/470,  3/480  sun4;sun4;4/110,  4/260,  4/280,
       ;;SPARCsystem 300 series, ;;SPARCsystem 400 series sun4;sun4c;SPARCsys-
       tem 1, SPARCsystem 1+, ;;SPARCsystem 2, SPARCsystem IPC,  ;;SPARCsystem
       SLC    sun4;sun4m;SPARCsystem    600MP    series,    ;;SPARCsystem   10
       sun386;sun386;386i/150, 386i/250

       -k        Display the kernel architecture, such as sun3, sun3x,  sun4c,
                 etc.   This  defines  which specific SunOS kernel will run on
                 the machine, and has  implications  only  for  programs  that
                 depend   on   the  kernel  explicitly  (for  example,  ps(1),
                 vmstat(8), etc.).

       archname  Return "true" (exit status 0)  if  application  binaries  for
                 archname  can  run  on  the  current  host system, otherwise,
                 return "false" (exit status 1).  This is the preferred method
                 for  installation scripts to determine the environment of the
                 host machine; that is, which architecture of  a  multi-archi-
                 tecture release to install on this machine.  archname must be
                 a valid application architecture.

       mach(1), machid(1)

                                 29 April 1992                         ARCH(1)