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Intro(1)                         User Commands                        Intro(1)

       Intro, intro - introduction to commands and application programs

       This  section describes, in alphabetical order, commands available with
       this operating system.

       Pages of special interest are categorized as follows:

       1B       Commands found only in the SunOS/BSD Compatibility Package.

       1C       Commands for communicating with other systems.

       1F       Commands associated with Form and  Menu  Language  Interpreter

       1S       Commands specific to the SunOS system.

       See  these  sections of the man pages section 1M: System Administration
       Commands for more information.

         o  Section 1M in this manual for system maintenance commands.

         o  Section 4 of this manual for information on file formats.

         o  Section 5 of this manual for descriptions  of  publicly  available
            files and miscellaneous information pages.

         o  Section 6 in this manual for computer demonstrations.

       For tutorial information about these commands and procedures, see:

         o  Solaris Advanced User's Guide

   Manual Page Command Syntax
       Unless otherwise noted, commands described in the SYNOPSIS section of a
       manual page accept options and other arguments according to the follow-
       ing syntax and should be interpreted as explained below.

       name [-option...] [cmdarg...] where:

       [ ]             Surround an option or cmdarg that is not required.

       ...             Indicates multiple occurrences of the option or cmdarg.

       name            The name of an executable file.

       { }             The options and/or arguments enclosed within braces are
                       interdependent, such that everything enclosed  must  be
                       treated as a unit.

       option          (Always  preceded by a "-".) noargletter... or, arglet-
                       ter optarg[,...]

       noargletter     A single  letter  representing  an  option  without  an
                       option-argument.  Notice that more than one noargletter
                       option can be  grouped  after  one  "-"  (Guideline  5,

       argletter       A  single  letter  representing  an option requiring an

       optarg          An option-argument (character string) satisfying a pre-
                       ceding argletter. Notice that groups of optargs follow-
                       ing an argletter must be separated by commas, or  sepa-
                       rated by a tab or space character and quoted (Guideline
                       8, below).

       cmdarg          Path name (or other  command  argument)  not  beginning
                       with  "-",  or  "-"  by  itself indicating the standard

       Unless otherwise specified, whenever an operand or option-argument  is,
       or contains, a numeric value:

         o  The number is interpreted as a decimal integer.

         o  Numerals in the range 0 to 2147483647 are syntactically recognized
            as numeric values.

         o  When the utility description states that it accepts negative  num-
            bers  as  operands  or  option-arguments,  numerals  in  the range
            -2147483647 to 2147483647 are syntactically recognized as  numeric

         o  Ranges greater than those listed here are allowed.

   Command Syntax Standard: Guidelines
       These  command  syntax  guidelines are not followed by all current com-
       mands, but new commands are likely to obey them. getopts(1)  should  be
       used  by  all  shell  procedures  to parse positional parameters and to
       check for  legal  options.  It  supports  Guidelines  3-10  below.  The
       enforcement of the other guidelines must be done by the command itself.

       1.  Command  names  (name above) should be between two and nine charac-
           ters long.

       2.  Command names should include only lower-case letters and digits.

       3.  Option names (option above) must be one character long.

       4.  All options must be preceded by "-".

       5.  Options with no arguments can be grouped after a single "-".

       6.  The first option-argument (optarg above) following an  option  must
           be preceded by a tab or space character.

       7.  Option-arguments cannot be optional.

       8.  Groups of option-arguments following an option must either be sepa-
           rated by commas or separated by tab or space character  and  quoted
           (-o xxx,z,yy or -o"xxx z yy").

       9.  All  options  must  precede  operands (cmdarg above) on the command

       10. "--" can be used to indicate the end of the options.

       11. The order of the options relative to one another should not matter.

       12. The relative order of the operands (cmdarg above) can affect  their
           significance  in  ways  determined  by  the command with which they

       13. "-" preceded and followed by a white space character should only be
           used to mean standard input.

       An  expanded  set  of  guidelines  referred to as CLIP for Command Line
       Interface Paradigm has been developed for Solaris and other  Sun  prod-
       ucts.  Its  intent  is  to  provide  a command line syntax more closely
       aligned with the GNU command line syntax popular on Linux systems.There
       is  no  intent  to retrofit existing utilities or even to apply this to
       all new utilities. It is only intended to be applied to sets of  utili-
       ties being developed when appropriate.

       CLIP  is  a  full  superset of the guidelines discussed above which are
       closely aligned with IEEE Std. 1003.1-2001 (SUSv3). It does not include
       all  the  GNU syntax. The GNU syntax allows constructs that either con-
       flict with the IEEE rules or are ambiguous. These  constructs  are  not

       The expanded CLIP command line syntax is:

       utility_name -a --longopt1 -c option_argument    -f option_argument --longopt2=option_argument    --longopt3 option_argument operand

       The  utility  in  the  example is named utility_name. It is followed by
       options, option-arguments, and operands, collectively  referred  to  as
       arguments.  The  arguments  that  consist of a hyphen followed a single
       letter or digit, such as -a, are known as short-options . The arguments
       that consist of two hyphens followed by a series of letters, digits and
       hyphens, such as --longopt1, are known as long-options .  Collectively,
       short-options  and long-options are referred to as options (or histori-
       cally, flags ). Certain options are followed by an option-argument,  as
       shown  with  -c  option_argument  .  The  arguments  following the last
       options and option-arguments are named operands. Once the first operand
       is  encountered,  all  subsequent arguments are interpreted to be oper-

       Option-arguments are sometimes shown separated from their short-options
       by  <&lt;BLANKS>&gt;s, sometimes directly adjacent. This reflects the situation
       that in some cases an option-argument is included within the same argu-
       ment  string as the option; in most cases it is the next argument. This
       specification requires that the option be a separate argument from  its
       option-argument,  but  there  are  some  exceptions to ensure continued
       operation of historical applications:

         o  If the SYNOPSIS of a utility shows  a  <&lt;SPACE>&gt;  between  a  short-
            option  and  option-argument  (as  with  -c option_argument in the
            example), the application uses separate arguments for that  option
            and its option-argument.

         o  If a <&lt;SPACE>&gt; is not shown (as with -f option_argument in the exam-
            ple), the application expects an option  and  its  option-argument
            directly adjacent in the same argument string, without intervening

         o  Notwithstanding the preceding requirements, an application  should
            accept  short-options and option-arguments as a single argument or
            as separate arguments whether or not a <&lt;SPACE>&gt;  is  shown  on  the
            synopsis line.

         o  Long-options  with option-arguments are always documented as using
            an equals sign as the separator between the option  name  and  the
            option-argument.  If  the  OPTIONS  section  of a utility shows an
            equals sign (=) between a long-option and its option-argument  (as
            with  --longopt2=  option_argument  in the example), a application
            shall also permit the use of separate arguments  for  that  option
            and its option-argument (as with --longopt1 option_argument in the

       CLIP expands the guidelines discussed  with  the  following  additional

       1.  The form command subcommand [options] [operands] is appropriate for
           grouping similar operations. Subcommand  names  should  follow  the
           same  conventions as command names as specified in guidelines 1 and

       2.  Long-options should be preceded  by  --  and  should  include  only
           alphanumeric  characters  and  hyphens  from the portable character
           set. Option names are typically  one  to  three  words  long,  with
           hyphens to separate words.

       3.  --name=argument  should be used to specify an option-argument for a
           long-option. The form --name argument is also accepted.

       4.  All utilities should support two standard  long-options:  --version
           (with  the  short-option  synonym  -V ) and --help (with the short-
           option synonym -? ). The short option synonyms  for  --version  can
           vary  if  the  preferred  synonym is already in use (but a  synonym
           shall be provided). Both of these  options  stop  further  argument
           processing  when  encountered  and after displaying the appropriate
           output, the utility successfully exits.

           Every short-option should  have  exactly  one  corresponding  long-
           option  and every long-option should have exactly one corresponding
           short-option. Synonymous options can be allowed in the interest  of
           compatibility  with  historical  practice  or community versions of
           equivalent utilities.

       6.  The short-option name should get its name from the long-option name
           according to these rules:

               a.  Use the first letter of the long-option name for the short-
                   option name.

               b.  If the  first  letter  conflicts  with  other  short-option
                   names, choose a prominent consonant.

               c.  If  the  first  letter and the prominent consonant conflict
                   with other shortoption names, choose a prominent vowel.

               d.   If none of the letters of the long-option name are usable,
                   select an arbitrary character.

       7.  If  a  long-option name consists of a single character, it must use
           the same character as the short-option name. Single character long-
           options should be avoided. They are only allowed for the exception-
           ally rare case that a single character  is  the  most   descriptive

       8.  The  subcommand  in  the form described in guideline 1 of the addi-
           tional CLIP guidelines is generally required. In the case where  it
           is  omitted,  the  command  shall take no operands and only options
           which are defined to stop further argument processing when  encoun-
           tered  are  allowed. Invoking a command of this form without a sub-
           command and no arguments is an error. This guideline is provided to
           allow  the  common forms command --help, command -?, command --ver-
           sion, and command -V to be accepted in the command-subcommand  con-

        Several  of  these  guidelines  are only of interest to the authors of
       utilities. They are provided here for the  use  of  anyone  wishing  to
       author utilities following this syntax.

       See  attributes(5)  for  a  discussion of the attributes listed in this

       getopts(1), wait(1), exit(2), getopt(3C), wait(3UCB), attributes(5)

       Upon termination, each command returns two bytes of  status,  one  sup-
       plied  by  the system and giving the cause for termination, and (in the
       case  of  "normal"  termination)  one  supplied  by  the  program  [see
       wait(3UCB)  and  exit(2)]. The former byte is 0 for normal termination.
       The latter byte is customarily 0 for successful execution and  non-zero
       to indicate troubles such as erroneous parameters, or bad or inaccessi-
       ble data. It is called variously "exit code", "exit status", or "return
       code", and is described only where special conventions are involved.

       Some commands produce unexpected results when processing files contain-
       ing null characters. These commands often treat  text  input  lines  as
       strings  and therefore become confused upon encountering a null charac-
       ter (the string terminator) within a line.

       Name                            Description

       Mail(1B)                        See mail(1B)

       NIS+(1)                         See nis+(1)

       acctcom(1)                      search  and  print  process  accounting

       adb(1)                          general-purpose debugger

       addbib(1)                       create  or extend a bibliographic data-

       admin(1)                        See sccs-admin(1)

       aedplot(1B)                     See plot(1B)

       alias(1)                        create or remove a pseudonym or  short-
                                       hand  for  a  command or series of com-

       allocate(1)                     device allocation

       amt(1)                          run abstract machine test

       answerbook2(1)                  online documentation system

       appcert(1)                      examine application-level products  for
                                       unstable use of Solaris  interfaces

       apptrace(1)                     trace  application  function  calls  to
                                       Solaris shared libraries

       apropos(1)                      locate commands by keyword lookup

       ar(1)                           maintain portable archive or library

       arch(1)                         display the architecture of the current

       as(1)                           assembler

       asa(1)                          convert FORTRAN carriage-control output
                                       to printable form

       at(1)                           execute commands at a later time

       atoplot(1B)                     See plot(1B)

       atq(1)                          display the jobs queued to run at spec-
                                       ified times

       atrm(1)                         remove jobs spooled by at or batch

       audioconvert(1)                 convert audio file formats

       audioplay(1)                    play audio files

       audiorecord(1)                  record an audio file

       auths(1)                        print authorizations granted to a user

       auto_ef(1)                      auto encoding finder

       awk(1)                          pattern  scanning  and  processing lan-

       banner(1)                       make posters

       basename(1)                     deliver portions of path names

       basename(1B)                    display portions of pathnames

       batch(1)                        See at(1)

       bc(1)                           arbitrary precision arithmetic language

       bdiff(1)                        big diff

       bfs(1)                          big file scanner

       bg(1)                           See jobs(1)

       bgplot(1B)                      See plot(1B)

       biff(1B)                        give notice of incoming mail messages

       break(1)                        shell built-in functions to escape from
                                       or  advance within a controlling while,
                                       for, foreach, or until  loop

       cal(1)                          display a calendar

       calendar(1)                     reminder service

       cancel(1)                       cancel print request

       case(1)                         See shell_builtins(1)

       cat(1)                          concatenate and display files

       cc(1B)                          C compiler

       cd(1)                           change working directory

       cdc(1)                          See sccs-cdc(1)

       cdrw(1)                         CD read and write

       chdir(1)                        See cd(1)

       checkeq(1)                      See eqn(1)

       checknr(1)                      check  nroff  and  troff  input  files;
                                       report possible errors

       chgrp(1)                        change file group ownership

       chkey(1)                        change user's secure RPC key pair

       chmod(1)                        change the permissions mode of a file

       chown(1)                        change file ownership

       chown(1B)                       change owner

       ckdate(1)                       prompts for and validates a date

       ckgid(1)                        prompts for and validates a group id

       ckint(1)                        display  a prompt; verify and return an
                                       integer value

       ckitem(1)                       build a menu; prompt for and  return  a
                                       menu item

       ckkeywd(1)                      prompts for and validates a keyword

       ckpath(1)                       display  a  prompt; verify and return a

       ckrange(1)                      prompts for and validates an integer

       ckstr(1)                        display a prompt; verify and  return  a
                                       string answer

       cksum(1)                        write file checksums and sizes

       cktime(1)                       display  a  prompt; verify and return a
                                       time of day

       ckuid(1)                        prompts for and validates a user ID

       ckyorn(1)                       prompts for and validates yes/no

       clear(1)                        clear the terminal screen

       cmp(1)                          compare two files

       cocheck(1F)                     See coproc(1F)

       cocreate(1F)                    See coproc(1F)

       codestroy(1F)                   See coproc(1F)

       col(1)                          reverse line-feeds filter

       comb(1)                         See sccs-comb(1)

       comm(1)                         select or reject lines  common  to  two

       command(1)                      execute a simple command

       compress(1)                     compress,  uncompress  files or display
                                       expanded files

       continue(1)                     See break(1)

       coproc(1F)                      communicate with a process

       coreceive(1F)                   See coproc(1F)

       cosend(1F)                      See coproc(1F)

       cp(1)                           copy files

       cpio(1)                         copy file archives in and out

       cpp(1)                          the C language preprocessor

       cputrack(1)                     monitor process and LWP behavior  using
                                       CPU performance counters

       crle(1)                         configure runtime linking environment

       crontab(1)                      user crontab file

       crtplot(1B)                     See plot(1B)

       crypt(1)                        encode or decode a file

       csh(1)                          shell command interpreter with a C-like

       csplit(1)                       split  files based on context

       ct(1C)                          spawn login to a remote terminal

       ctags(1)                        create a tags file for use with ex  and

       ctrun(1)                        execute command in a process contract

       ctstat(1)                       display active system contracts

       ctwatch(1)                      watch  events in a contract or group of

       cu(1C)                          call another UNIX system

       cut(1)                          cut out selected fields of each line of
                                       a file

       date(1)                         write the date and time

       dc(1)                           desk calculator

       deallocate(1)                   device deallocation

       decrypt(1)                      See encrypt(1)

       delta(1)                        See sccs-delta(1)

       deroff(1)                       remove  nroff/troff,  tbl, and eqn con-

       df(1B)                          display status of disk  space  on  file

       dhcpinfo(1)                     display  values  of parameters received
                                       through DHCP

       diff(1)                         compare two files

       diff3(1)                        3-way differential file comparison

       diffmk(1)                       mark differences between versions of  a
                                       troff input file

       digest(1)                       calculate a message digest

       digestp(1)                      See mailp(1)

       dircmp(1)                       directory comparison

       dirname(1)                      See basename(1)

       dirs(1)                         See cd(1)

       dis(1)                          object code disassembler

       disable(1)                      See enable(1)

       dispgid(1)                      displays  a  list  of  all  valid group

       dispuid(1)                      displays a list of all valid user names

       dos2unix(1)                     convert text file from  DOS  format  to
                                       ISO format

       download(1)                     host  resident  PostScript  font  down-

       dpost(1)                        troff  postprocessor   for   PostScript

       du(1)                           summarize disk usage

       du(1B)                          display  the number of disk blocks used
                                       per directory or file

       dumbplot(1B)                    See plot(1B)

       dump(1)                         dump selected parts of an object file

       dumpcs(1)                       show  codeset  table  for  the  current

       dumpkeys(1)                     See loadkeys(1)

       echo(1)                         echo arguments

       echo(1B)                        echo arguments to standard output

       echo(1F)                        put string on virtual output

       ed(1)                           text editor

       edit(1)                         text  editor  (variant of ex for casual

       egrep(1)                        search a file for a pattern using  full
                                       regular expressions

       eject(1)                        eject  media  such as CD-ROM and floppy
                                       from drive

       elfdump(1)                      dumps selected parts of an object file

       elfsign(1)                      sign binaries for the  Solaris  Crypto-
                                       graphic Framework

       enable(1)                       enable/disable LP printers

       encrypt(1)                      encrypt or decrypt files

       enhance(1)                      enhanced  command-line  editing facili-

       env(1)                          set environment for command invocation

       eqn(1)                          typeset mathematics test

       errange(1)                      See ckrange(1)

       errdate(1)                      See ckdate(1)

       errgid(1)                       See ckgid(1)

       errint(1)                       See ckint(1)

       erritem(1)                      See ckitem(1)

       error(1)                        insert compiler error messages at right
                                       source lines

       errpath(1)                      See ckpath(1)

       errstr(1)                       See ckstr(1)

       errtime(1)                      See cktime(1)

       erruid(1)                       See ckuid(1)

       erryorn(1)                      See ckyorn(1)

       eval(1)                         See exec(1)

       ex(1)                           text editor

       exec(1)                         shell  built-in  functions  to  execute
                                       other commands

       exit(1)                         shell built-in functions to enable  the
                                       execution   of  the  shell  to  advance
                                       beyond its sequence of steps

       expand(1)                       expand TAB characters to SPACE  charac-
                                       ters, and vice versa

       export(1)                       See set(1)

       exportfs(1B)                    translates    exportfs    options    to
                                       share/unshare commands

       expr(1)                         evaluate arguments as an expression

       expr(1B)                        evaluate arguments as a logical, arith-
                                       metic, or string expression

       exstr(1)                        extract strings from source files

       face(1)                         executable  for  the Framed Access Com-
                                       mand Environment Interface

       factor(1)                       obtain the prime factors of a number

       false(1)                        See true(1)

       fastboot(1B)                    reboot/halt the system without checking
                                       the disks

       fasthalt(1B)                    See fastboot(1B)

       fc(1)                           See history(1)

       fdformat(1)                     format floppy diskette or PCMCIA memory

       fg(1)                           See jobs(1)

       fgrep(1)                        search a  file  for  a  fixed-character

       file(1)                         determine file type

       file(1B)                        determine the type of a file by examin-
                                       ing its contents

       filep(1)                        See mailp(1)

       filesync(1)                     synchronize ordinary, directory or spe-
                                       cial files

       filofaxp(1)                     See mailp(1)

       find(1)                         find files

       finger(1)                       display  information  about  local  and
                                       remote users

       fmlcut(1F)                      cut out selected fields of each line of
                                       a file

       fmlexpr(1F)                     evaluate arguments as an expression

       fmlgrep(1F)                     search a file for a pattern

       fmli(1)                         invoke FMLI

       fmt(1)                          simple text formatters

       fmtmsg(1)                       display  a  message on stderr or system

       fold(1)                         filter for folding lines

       for(1)                          See shell_builtins(1)

       foreach(1)                      See shell_builtins(1)

       franklinp(1)                    See mailp(1)

       from(1B)                        display the sender and date  of  newly-
                                       arrived mail messages

       ftp(1)                          file transfer program

       ftpcount(1)                     show  current  number  of users in each
                                       FTP Server class

       ftpwho(1)                       show current  process  information  for
                                       each FTP Server user

       function(1)                     See shell_builtins(1)

       gcore(1)                        get core images of running processes

       gencat(1)                       generate a formatted message catalog

       geniconvtbl(1)                  generate iconv code conversion tables

       genlayouttbl(1)                 generate  layout table for complex text

       genmsg(1)                       generate  a  message  source  file   by
                                       extracting messages from source files

       get(1)                          See sccs-get(1)

       getconf(1)                      get configuration values

       getfacl(1)                      display discretionary file information

       getfrm(1F)                      returns the current frameID number

       getitems(1F)                    returns a list of currently marked menu

       getopt(1)                       parse command options

       getoptcvt(1)                    convert to  getopts  to  parse  command

       getopts(1)                      parse utility options

       gettext(1)                      retrieve text string from message data-

       gettxt(1)                       retrieve a text string from  a  message

       gigiplot(1B)                    See plot(1B)

       glob(1)                         shell  built-in  function  to  expand a
                                       word list

       goto(1)                         See exit(1)

       gprof(1)                        display call-graph profile data

       graph(1)                        draw a graph

       grep(1)                         search a file for a pattern

       groups(1)                       print group membership of user

       groups(1B)                      display a user's group memberships

       grpck(1B)                       check group database entries

       hash(1)                         evaluate the internal hash table of the
                                       contents of directories

       hashcheck(1)                    See spell(1)

       hashmake(1)                     See spell(1)

       hashstat(1)                     See hash(1)

       head(1)                         display first few lines of files

       help(1)                         See sccs-help(1)

       helpdate(1)                     See ckdate(1)

       helpgid(1)                      See ckgid(1)

       helpint(1)                      See ckint(1)

       helpitem(1)                     See ckitem(1)

       helppath(1)                     See ckpath(1)

       helprange(1)                    See ckrange(1)

       helpstr(1)                      See ckstr(1)

       helptime(1)                     See cktime(1)

       helpuid(1)                      See ckuid(1)

       helpyorn(1)                     See ckyorn(1)

       history(1)                      process command history list

       hostid(1)                       print  the  numeric  identifier  of the
                                       current host

       hostname(1)                     set or print name of current host  sys-

       hp7221plot(1B)                  See plot(1B)

       hpplot(1B)                      See plot(1B)

       i286(1)                         See machid(1)

       i386(1)                         See machid(1)

       i486(1)                         See machid(1)

       i860(1)                         See machid(1)

       iAPX286(1)                      See machid(1)

       iconv(1)                        code set conversion utility

       idnconv(1)                      Internationalized   Domain  Name  (IDN)
                                       encoding conversion utility

       if(1)                           See shell_builtins(1)

       implot(1B)                      See plot(1B)

       indicator(1F)                   display  application  specific   alarms
                                       and/or the "working" indicator

       indxbib(1)                      create  an  inverted index to a biblio-
                                       graphic database

       install(1B)                     install files

       ipcrm(1)                        remove a message queue, semaphore  set,
                                       or shared memory ID

       ipcs(1)                         report    inter-process   communication
                                       facilities status

       isainfo(1)                      describe instruction set architectures

       isalist(1)                      display  the  native  instruction  sets
                                       executable on this platform

       jobs(1)                         control process execution

       join(1)                         relational database operator

       jsh(1)                          See sh(1)

       kbd(1)                           manipulate  the  state of keyboard, or
                                       display the type of keyboard, or change
                                       the  default  keyboard  abort  sequence

       kdestroy(1)                     destroy Kerberos tickets

       keylogin(1)                     decrypt and store secret key with  key-

       keylogout(1)                    delete stored secret key with keyserv

       kill(1)                         terminate or signal processes

       kinit(1)                        obtain and cache Kerberos ticket-grant-
                                       ing ticket

       klist(1)                        list currently held Kerberos tickets

       kmdb(1)                         in situ kernel debugger

       kpasswd(1)                      change a user's Kerberos password

       ksh(1)                          KornShell, a  standard/restricted  com-
                                       mand and programming language

       ktutil(1)                       Kerberos keytab maintenance utility

       lari(1)                         link analysis of runtime interfaces

       last(1)                         display  login  and  logout information
                                       about users and terminals

       lastcomm(1)                     display the last commands executed,  in
                                       reverse order

       ld(1)                           link-editor for object files

       ld(1B)                          link editor, dynamic link editor

       ld.so.1(1)                      runtime linker for dynamic objects

       ldap(1)                         LDAP as a naming repository

       ldapadd(1)                      See ldapmodify(1)

       ldapdelete(1)                   ldap delete entry tool

       ldaplist(1)                     search and list naming information from
                                       an LDAP directory using the  configured

       ldapmodify(1)                   ldap  entry  addition  and modification

       ldapmodrdn(1)                   ldap modify entry RDN tool

       ldapsearch(1)                   ldap search tool

       ldd(1)                          list dynamic dependencies of executable
                                       files or shared objects

       let(1)                          shell built-in function to evaluate one
                                       or more arithmetic expressions

       lex(1)                          generate programs for lexical tasks

       limit(1)                        set or get limitations  on  the  system
                                       resources   available  to  the  current
                                       shell and its descendents

       line(1)                         read one line

       lint(1B)                        C program verifier

       list_devices(1)                 list allocatable devices

       listusers(1)                    list user login information

       llc2_autoconfig(1)              generate LLC2 configuration files

       llc2_config(1)                  configure LLC2 interface parameters

       llc2_stats(1)                   LLC2 Station, SAP, and Connection  Sta-

       ln(1)                           make hard or symbolic links to files

       ln(1B)                          make hard or symbolic links to files

       loadkeys(1)                     load   and  dump  keyboard  translation

       locale(1)                       get locale-specific information

       localedef(1)                    define locale environment

       logger(1)                       add entries to the system log

       logger(1B)                      add entries to the system log

       login(1)                        sign on to the system

       logname(1)                      return user's login name

       logout(1)                       shell built-in function to exit from  a
                                       login session

       longline(1F)                    See readfile(1F)

       look(1)                         find  words in the system dictionary or
                                       lines in a sorted list

       lookbib(1)                      find  references  in  a   bibliographic

       lorder(1)                       find ordering relation for an object or
                                       library archive

       lp(1)                           submit print request

       lpc(1B)                         line printer control program

       lpq(1B)                         display the content of a print queue

       lpr(1B)                         submit print requests

       lprm(1B)                        remove print requests  from  the  print

       lpstat(1)                       print  information  about the status of
                                       the print service

       lptest(1B)                      generate line printer ripple pattern

       ls(1)                           list contents of directory

       ls(1B)                          list the contents of a directory

       m4(1)                           macro processor

       mac(1)                          calculate message authentication  codes
                                       of the input

       mach(1)                         display  the processor type of the cur-
                                       rent host

       machid(1)                       get processor type truth value

       madv.so.1(1)                    madv library

       mail(1)                         read mail or send mail to users

       mail(1B)                        interactive message processing system

       mailcompat(1)                   provide SunOS compatibility for Solaris
                                       mailbox format

       mailp(1)                        frontends   to   the  mp  Text  to  PDL
                                       (Printer Description  Language)  pretty
                                       print filter

       mailq(1)                        print the mail queue

       mailstats(1)                    print statistics collected by sendmail

       mailx(1)                        interactive message processing system

       make(1S)                        maintain,    update,   and   regenerate
                                       related programs and files

       man(1)                          find and display reference manual pages

       mconnect(1)                     connect to SMTP mail server socket

       mcs(1)                          manipulate the comment  section  of  an
                                       object file

       mdb(1)                          modular debugger

       mesg(1)                         permit or deny messages

       message(1F)                     puts its arguments on FMLI message line

       mixerctl(1)                     audio mixer control command line appli-

       mkdir(1)                        make directories

       mkmsgs(1)                       create message files for use by gettxt

       mkstr(1B)                       create an error message file by massag-
                                       ing C source files

       mktemp(1)                       make temporary filename

       moe(1)                          manifest  the  optimal  expansion  of a

       more(1)                         browse or page through a text file

       mp(1)                           text to PDL (Page Description Language)
                                       pretty print filter

       mpss.so.1(1)                    shared  object  for  setting  preferred
                                       page size

       msgfmt(1)                       create a message object from a  message

       mt(1)                           magnetic tape control

       mv(1)                           move files

       nawk(1)                         pattern  scanning  and  processing lan-

       nca(1)                          the Solaris Network Cache and Accelera-
                                       tor (NCA)

       ncab2clf(1)                     convert  binary  log file to Common Log
                                       File format

       ncakmod(1)                      start or stop the NCA kernel module

       neqn(1)                         See eqn(1)

       newform(1)                      change the format of a text file

       newgrp(1)                       log in to a new group

       news(1)                         print news items

       newsp(1)                        See mailp(1)

       newtask(1)                      create new task and  optionally  change

       nice(1)                         invoke a command with an altered sched-
                                       uling priority

       nis+(1)                         a new version of the  network  informa-
                                       tion name service

       nis(1)                          See nis+(1)

       niscat(1)                       display NIS+ tables and objects

       nischgrp(1)                     change the group owner of a NIS+ object

       nischmod(1)                     change access rights on a NIS+ object

       nischown(1)                     change the owner of a NIS+ object

       nischttl(1)                     change the time to live value of a NIS+

       nisdefaults(1)                  display NIS+ default values

       niserror(1)                     display NIS+ error messages

       nisgrep(1)                      See nismatch(1)

       nisgrpadm(1)                    NIS+ group administration command

       nisln(1)                        symbolically link NIS+ objects

       nisls(1)                        list the contents of a NIS+ directory

       nismatch(1)                     utilities for searching NIS+ tables

       nismkdir(1)                     create NIS+ directories

       nisopaccess(1)                  NIS+ operation access control  adminis-
                                       tration command

       nispasswd(1)                    change NIS+ password information

       nisrm(1)                        remove NIS+ objects from the namespace

       nisrmdir(1)                     remove NIS+ directories

       nistbladm(1)                    NIS+ table administration command

       nistest(1)                      return  the state of the NIS+ namespace
                                       using a conditional expression

       nl(1)                           line numbering filter

       nm(1)                           print name list of an object file

       nohup(1)                        run a command immune to hangups

       notify(1)                       See jobs(1)

       nroff(1)                        format documents for display  or  line-

       od(1)                           octal dump

       on(1)                           execute  a  command  on a remote system
                                       with the local environment

       onintr(1)                       See trap(1)

       optisa(1)                       determine which variant instruction set
                                       is optimal to use

       pack(1)                         compress and expand files

       page(1)                         See more(1)

       pagesize(1)                     display  the size or sizes of a page of

       pargs(1)                        print  process  arguments,  environment
                                       variables,  or auxiliary vector

       passwd(1)                       change   login  password  and  password

       paste(1)                        merge corresponding or subsequent lines
                                       of files

       patch(1)                        apply changes to files

       pathchk(1)                      check path names

       pathconv(1F)                    search FMLI criteria for filename

       pax(1)                          portable archive interchange

       pcat(1)                         See pack(1)

       pcred(1)                        See proc(1)

       pdp11(1)                        See machid(1)

       perl(1)                         Practical  Extraction  and  Report Lan-

       pfcsh(1)                        See pfexec(1)

       pfexec(1)                       execute a command in a profile

       pfiles(1)                       See proc(1)

       pfksh(1)                        See pfexec(1)

       pflags(1)                       See proc(1)

       pfsh(1)                         See pfexec(1)

       pg(1)                           files perusal filter for CRTs

       pgrep(1)                        find or signal processes  by  name  and
                                       other attributes

       pkginfo(1)                      display software package information

       pkgmk(1)                        produce an installable package

       pkgparam(1)                     display package parameter values

       pkgproto(1)                     generate  prototype  file  entries  for
                                       input to pkgmk command

       pkgtrans(1)                     translate package format

       pkill(1)                        See pgrep(1)

       pktool(1)                       manage softtoken object storage

       pldd(1)                         See proc(1)

       plimit(1)                       get or set the resource limits of  run-
                                       ning processes

       plot(1B)                        graphics filters for various plotters

       plottoa(1B)                     See plot(1B)

       pmap(1)                         display  information  about the address
                                       space of a process

       popd(1)                         See cd(1)

       postdaisy(1)                    PostScript translator  for  Diablo  630
                                       daisy-wheel files

       postdmd(1)                      PostScript  translator  for  DMD bitmap

       postio(1)                       serial interface for PostScript  print-

       postmd(1)                       matrix  display  program for PostScript

       postplot(1)                     PostScript  translator   for   plot(4B)
                                       graphics files

       postprint(1)                    PostScript translator for text files

       postreverse(1)                  reverse  the page order in a PostScript

       posttek(1)                      PostScript  translator  for   Tektronix
                                       4014 files

       ppgsz(1)                        set  preferred  page  size  for  stack,
                                       heap, and/or other anonymous segments

       ppriv(1)                        inspect  or  modify  process  privilege
                                       sets and attributes

       pr(1)                           print files

       praliases(1)                    display system mail aliases

       prctl(1)                        get  or  set  the  resource controls of
                                       running processes, tasks, and projects

       preap(1)                        force a defunct process to be reaped by
                                       its parent

       prex(1)                         control  tracing  and  manipulate probe
                                       points in a process or the kernel

       print(1)                        shell built-in function to output char-
                                       acters to the screen or window

       printenv(1B)                    display environment variables currently

       printf(1)                       write formatted output

       priocntl(1)                     display or set scheduling parameters of
                                       specified process(es)

       proc(1)                         proc tools

       prof(1)                         display profile data

       profiles(1)                     print execution profiles for a user

       projects(1)                     print project membership of user

       prs(1)                          See sccs-prs(1)

       prt(1)                          See sccs-prt(1)

       prun(1)                         See proc(1)

       ps(1)                           report process status

       ps(1B)                          display the status of current processes

       psig(1)                         See proc(1)

       pstack(1)                       See proc(1)

       pstop(1)                        See proc(1)

       ptime(1)                        See proc(1)

       ptree(1)                        See proc(1)

       pushd(1)                        See cd(1)

       pvs(1)                          display  the  internal version informa-
                                       tion of dynamic objects

       pwait(1)                        See proc(1)

       pwd(1)                          return working directory name

       pwdx(1)                         See proc(1)

       ranlib(1)                       convert archives to random libraries

       rcapstat(1)                     report resource cap enforcement  daemon

       rcp(1)                          remote file copy

       rdist(1)                        remote file distribution program

       read(1)                         read a line from standard input

       readfile(1F)                    reads file, gets longest line

       readonly(1)                     shell  built-in function to protect the
                                       value of the given variable from  reas-

       red(1)                          See ed(1)

       refer(1)                        expand  and  insert  references  from a
                                       bibliographic database

       regcmp(1)                       regular expression compile

       regex(1F)                       match patterns against a string

       rehash(1)                       See hash(1)

       reinit(1F)                      runs an initialization file

       remote_shell(1)                 See rsh(1)

       remsh(1)                        See rsh(1)

       renice(1)                       alter priority of running processes

       repeat(1)                       See shell_builtins(1)

       reset(1B)                       See tset(1B)

       reset(1F)                       reset the current  form  field  to  its
                                       default values

       return(1)                       See exit(1)

       rksh(1)                         See ksh(1)

       rlogin(1)                       remote login

       rm(1)                           remove directory entries

       rmail(1)                        See mail(1)

       rmdel(1)                        See sccs-rmdel(1)

       rmdir(1)                        See rm(1)

       rmformat(1)                     removable rewritable media format util-

       roffbib(1)                      format and print a bibliographic  data-

       roles(1)                        print roles granted to a user

       rpcgen(1)                       an RPC protocol compiler

       rpm2cpio(1)                     convert  Red  Hat Package (RPM) to cpio

       rsh(1)                          remote shell

       run(1F)                         run an executable

       runat(1)                        execute command in  extended  attribute
                                       name space

       rup(1)                          show  host  status  of  remote machines
                                       (RPC version)

       rup(1C)                         show host  status  of  remote  machines
                                       (RPC version)

       ruptime(1)                      show host status of local machines

       rusage(1B)                      print resource usage for a command

       rusers(1)                       who is logged in on remote machines

       rwho(1)                         who is logged in on local machines

       sact(1)                         See sccs-sact(1)

       sag(1)                          system activity graph

       sar(1)                          system activity reporter

       sccs-admin(1)                   create   and  administer  SCCS  history

       sccs-cdc(1)                     change the delta commentary of an  SCCS

       sccs-comb(1)                    combine SCCS deltas

       sccs-delta(1)                   make a delta to an SCCS file

       sccs-get(1)                     retrieve a version of an SCCS file

       sccs-help(1)                    ask  for  help  regarding SCCS error or
                                       warning messages

       sccs-prs(1)                     display selected portions  of  an  SCCS

       sccs-prt(1)                     display delta table information from an
                                       SCCS file

       sccs-rmdel(1)                   remove a delta from an SCCS file

       sccs-sact(1)                    show editing activity status of an SCCS

       sccs-sccsdiff(1)                compare two versions of an SCCS file

       sccs-unget(1)                   undo a previous get of an SCCS file

       sccs-val(1)                     validate an SCCS file

       sccs(1)                         front  end  for the Source Code Control
                                       System (SCCS)

       sccsdiff(1)                     See sccs-sccsdiff(1)

       scp(1)                          secure copy (remote file copy program)

       script(1)                       make record of a terminal session

       sdiff(1)                        print  differences  between  two  files

       sed(1)                          stream editor

       sed(1B)                         stream editor

       select(1)                       See shell_builtins(1)

       set(1)                          shell  built-in  functions to determine
                                       the characteristics  for  environmental
                                       variables  of the current shell and its

       set(1F)                         set and unset local or global  environ-
                                       ment variables

       setcolor(1F)                    redefine or create a color

       setenv(1)                       See set(1)

       setfacl(1)                      modify  the  Access  Control List (ACL)
                                       for a file or files

       setpgrp(1)                      set process group ID

       settime(1)                      See touch(1)

       sftp(1)                         secure file transfer program

       sh(1)                           standard and job control shell and com-
                                       mand interpreter

       shell(1F)                       run a command using shell

       shell_builtins(1)               shell command interpreter built-in com-

       shift(1)                        shell  built-in  function  to  traverse
                                       either  a  shell's  argument  list or a
                                       list of field-separated words

       shutdown(1B)                    close down the system at a given time

       size(1)                         print section sizes in bytes of  object

       sleep(1)                        suspend execution for an interval

       snca(1)                         See nca(1)

       snmpstatus(1)                   retrieve  important  information from a
                                       network entity

       soelim(1)                       resolve and eliminate .so requests from
                                       nroff or troff input

       sort(1)                         sort,  merge,  or  sequence  check text

       sortbib(1)                      sort a bibliographic database

       sotruss(1)                      trace shared library procedure calls

       source(1)                       See exec(1)

       sparc(1)                        See machid(1)

       spell(1)                        report spelling errors

       spellin(1)                      See spell(1)

       spline(1)                       interpolate smooth curve

       split(1)                        split a file into pieces

       srchtxt(1)                      display contents of, or  search  for  a
                                       text string in, message data bases

       ssh-add(1)                      add   RSA  or  DSA  identities  to  the
                                       authentication agent

       ssh-agent(1)                    authentication agent

       ssh-http-proxy-connect(1)       Secure Shell proxy for HTTP

       ssh-keygen(1)                   authentication key generation

       ssh-keyscan(1)                  gather public ssh host keys of a number
                                       of hosts

       ssh-socks5-proxy-connect(1)     Secure Shell proxy for SOCKS5

       ssh(1)                          OpenSSH  secure  shell  client  (remote
                                       login program)

       stop(1)                         See jobs(1)

       strchg(1)                       change or query stream configuration

       strconf(1)                      See strchg(1)

       strings(1)                      find printable strings in an object  or
                                       binary file

       strip(1)                        strip  symbol table, debugging and line
                                       number information from an object file

       stty(1)                         set the options for a terminal

       stty(1B)                        set the options for a terminal

       sum(1)                          print checksum and block  count  for  a

       sum(1B)                         calculate a checksum for a file

       sun(1)                          See machid(1)

       suspend(1)                      shell  built-in  function  to  halt the
                                       current shell

       svcprop(1)                      retrieve service configuration  proper-

       svcs(1)                         report service status

       switch(1)                       See shell_builtins(1)

       symorder(1)                     rearrange a list of symbols

       sysV-make(1)                    maintain, update, and regenerate groups
                                       of programs

       t300(1)                         See tplot(1)

       t300(1B)                        See plot(1B)

       t300s(1)                        See tplot(1)

       t300s(1B)                       See plot(1B)

       t4013(1B)                       See plot(1B)

       t4014(1)                        See tplot(1)

       t450(1)                         See tplot(1)

       t450(1B)                        See plot(1B)

       tabs(1)                         set tabs on a terminal

       tail(1)                         deliver the last part of a file

       talk(1)                         talk to another user

       tar(1)                          create tape archives and add or extract

       tbl(1)                          format tables for nroff or troff

       tcopy(1)                        copy a magnetic tape

       tee(1)                          replicate the standard output

       tek(1)                          See tplot(1)

       tek(1B)                         See plot(1B)

       telnet(1)                       user interface to a remote system using
                                       the TELNET protocol

       test(1)                         evaluate condition(s)

       test(1B)                        condition evaluation command

       test(1F)                        condition evaluation command

       tftp(1)                         trivial file transfer program

       time(1)                         time a simple command

       timemanp(1)                     See mailp(1)

       times(1)                        shell built-in function to report  time
                                       usages of the current shell

       timesysp(1)                     See mailp(1)

       timex(1)                        time a command; report process data and
                                       system activity

       tip(1)                          connect to remote system

       tnfdump(1)                      convert binary TNF file to ASCII

       tnfxtract(1)                    extract kernel  probes  output  into  a
                                       trace file

       touch(1)                        change  file  access  and  modification

       touch(1B)                       change  file  access  and  modification

       tplot(1)                        graphics filters for various plotters

       tput(1)                         initialize a terminal or query terminfo

       tr(1)                           translate characters

       tr(1B)                          translate characters

       trap(1)                         shell built-in functions to respond  to
                                       (hardware) signals

       troff(1)                        typeset or format documents

       true(1)                         provide truth values

       truss(1)                        trace system calls and signals

       tset(1B)                        establish  or  restore terminal charac-

       tsort(1)                        topological sort

       tty(1)                          return user's terminal name

       type(1)                         write a description of command type

       typeset(1)                      shell  built-in  functions  to  set/get
                                       attributes  and  values for shell vari-
                                       ables and functions

       u370(1)                         See machid(1)

       u3b(1)                          See machid(1)

       u3b15(1)                        See machid(1)

       u3b2(1)                         See machid(1)

       u3b5(1)                         See machid(1)

       ucblinks(1B)                    adds /dev entries  to  give  SunOS  4.x
                                       compatible names to SunOS 5.x devices

       ul(1)                           do underlining

       ulimit(1)                       See limit(1)

       umask(1)                        get or set the file mode creation mask

       unalias(1)                      See alias(1)

       uname(1)                        print name of current system

       uncompress(1)                   See compress(1)

       unexpand(1)                     See expand(1)

       unget(1)                        See sccs-unget(1)

       unhash(1)                       See hash(1)

       unifdef(1)                      resolve  and remove ifdef'ed lines from
                                       C program source

       uniq(1)                         report or filter out repeated lines  in
                                       a file

       units(1)                        converts  quantities expressed in stan-
                                       dard scales to other scales

       unix2dos(1)                     convert text file from  ISO  format  to
                                       DOS format

       unlimit(1)                      See limit(1)

       unpack(1)                       See pack(1)

       unset(1)                        See set(1)

       unset(1F)                       See set(1F)

       unsetenv(1)                     See set(1)

       until(1)                        See shell_builtins(1)

       uptime(1)                       show how long the system has been up

       users(1B)                       display  a compact list of users logged

       uucp(1C)                        UNIX-to-UNIX system copy

       uudecode(1C)                    See uuencode(1C)

       uuencode(1C)                    encode a binary  file,  or  decode  its
                                       encoded representation

       uuglist(1C)                     print  the  list of service grades that
                                       are available on this UNIX system

       uulog(1C)                       See uucp(1C)

       uuname(1C)                      See uucp(1C)

       uupick(1C)                      See uuto(1C)

       uustat(1C)                      uucp status inquiry and job control

       uuto(1C)                        public UNIX-to-UNIX system file copy

       uux(1C)                         UNIX-to-UNIX system command execution

       vacation(1)                     reply to mail automatically

       val(1)                          See sccs-val(1)

       valdate(1)                      See ckdate(1)

       valgid(1)                       See ckgid(1)

       valint(1)                       See ckint(1)

       valpath(1)                      See ckpath(1)

       valrange(1)                     See ckrange(1)

       valstr(1)                       See ckstr(1)

       valtime(1)                      See cktime(1)

       valuid(1)                       See ckuid(1)

       valyorn(1)                      See ckyorn(1)

       vax(1)                          See machid(1)

       vc(1)                           version control

       vedit(1)                        See vi(1)

       ver(1)                          See tplot(1)

       vgrind(1)                       grind nice program listings

       vi(1)                           screen-oriented (visual) display editor
                                       based on ex

       view(1)                         See vi(1)

       vipw(1B)                        edit the password file

       volcancel(1)                    cancel  user's  request  for  removable
                                       media that is not currently in drive

       volcheck(1)                     checks for media  in  a  drive  and  by
                                       default checks all floppy media

       volmissing(1)                   notify  user  that  volume requested is
                                       not in the CD-ROM or floppy drive

       volrmmount(1)                   call rmmount to mount or unmount media

       vplot(1B)                       See plot(1B)

       vsig(1F)                        synchronize a co-process with the  con-
                                       trolling FMLI application

       w(1)                            display   information  about  currently
                                       logged-in users

       wait(1)                         await process completion

       wc(1)                           display a count  of  lines,  words  and
                                       characters in a file

       what(1)                         extract SCCS version information from a

       whatis(1)                       display a one-line summary about a key-

       whence(1)                       See typeset(1)

       whereis(1B)                     locate  the  binary, source, and manual
                                       page files for a command

       which(1)                        locate a command; display its  pathname
                                       or alias

       while(1)                        See shell_builtins(1)

       who(1)                          who is on the system

       whoami(1B)                      display the effective current username

       whocalls(1)                     report  on the calls to a specific pro-

       whois(1)                        Internet user name directory service

       write(1)                        write to another user

       xargs(1)                        construct  argument  lists  and  invoke

       xgettext(1)                     extract  gettext  call  strings  from C

       xstr(1)                         extract  strings  from  C  programs  to
                                       implement shared strings

       yacc(1)                         yet another compiler-compiler

       yes(1)                          generate repetitive affirmative output

       ypcat(1)                        print values in a NIS database

       ypmatch(1)                      print  the  value  of  one or more keys
                                       from a NIS map

       yppasswd(1)                     change your network password in the NIS

       ypwhich(1)                      return name of NIS server or map master

       zcat(1)                         See compress(1)

       zlogin(1)                       enter a zone

       zonename(1)                     print name of current zone

SunOS 5.10                        21 Dec 2004                         Intro(1)