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AT&T Plan9 0intro(9) introduction to raster image software
AT&T Plan9 9v(9) copy picture files to and from screen
AT&T Plan9 INDEX(9) copy picture files to and from screen
AT&T Plan9 aplot(9) isometric plots of data arrays
AT&T Plan9 arith3(9) operations on 3-d points and planes
AT&T Plan9 bbox(9) compute bounding rectangle
AT&T Plan9 card(9) create simple color fields
AT&T Plan9 cmap(9) color map format
AT&T Plan9 cpr(9) cheesy polygon renderer and viewer
AT&T Plan9 cvt2pic(9) convert other formats to picture files
AT&T Plan9 filters(9) image neighborhood operators
AT&T Plan9 floyd(9) create 1-bit images by dithering
AT&T Plan9 getcmap(9) read a color map from a file
AT&T Plan9 getflags(9) process flag arguments in argv
AT&T Plan9 getmap(9) manipulate the display's color map
AT&T Plan9 he(9) histogram equalization
AT&T Plan9 hed(9) edit or remove picture file header
AT&T Plan9 hist(9) pixel value histogram
AT&T Plan9 lam(9) combine several images
AT&T Plan9 lerp(9) linear combinations of images
AT&T Plan9 logo(9) convert image into an AT&T logo
AT&T Plan9 lum(9) compute luminance
AT&T Plan9 matrix(9) Geometric transformations
AT&T Plan9 moto(9) create animation scripts
AT&T Plan9 mugs(9) make face icons from pictures
AT&T Plan9 pcp(9) copy pictures
AT&T Plan9 pic2ps(9) convert picture files to other formats
AT&T Plan9 picfile(9) raster graphic image format
AT&T Plan9 picinfo(9) print information about picture files
AT&T Plan9 picopen(9) picture file I/O
AT&T Plan9 qball(9) 3-d rotation controller
AT&T Plan9 quantize(9) picture color compression
AT&T Plan9 quaternion(9) Quaternion arithmetic
AT&T Plan9 remap(9) map colors
AT&T Plan9 resample(9) resample a picture
AT&T Plan9 transpose(9) re-orient an image
AT&T Plan9 xpand(9) adjust dynamic range
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