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4.4BSD/Lite2 XNSrouted(8) NS Routing Information Protocol daemon
4.4BSD/Lite2 ac(8) display connect time accounting
4.4BSD/Lite2 acucntrl(8) turn around tty line between dialin and dialout
4.4BSD/Lite2 adduser(8) procedure for adding new users
4.4BSD/Lite2 amd(8) automatically mount file systems
4.4BSD/Lite2 arp(8) address resolution display and control
4.4BSD/Lite2 badsect(8) create files to contain bad sectors
4.4BSD/Lite2 boot_hp300(8) system bootstrapping procedures
4.4BSD/Lite2 boot_i386(8) system bootstrapping procedures
4.4BSD/Lite2 boot_sparc(8) UNIX bootstrapping procedures
4.4BSD/Lite2 boot_tahoe(8) system bootstrapping procedures
4.4BSD/Lite2 boot_vax(8) system bootstrapping procedures
4.4BSD/Lite2 bugfiler(8) file bug reports in folders automatically
4.4BSD/Lite2 chown(8) change file owner and group
4.4BSD/Lite2 chroot(8) change root directory
4.4BSD/Lite2 clri(8) clear an inode
4.4BSD/Lite2 comsat(8) biff server
4.4BSD/Lite2 config(8) build system configuration files
4.4BSD/Lite2 dev_mkdb(8) create /dev database
4.4BSD/Lite2 disklabel(8) read and write disk pack label
4.4BSD/Lite2 diskpart(8) calculate default disk partition sizes
4.4BSD/Lite2 dm(8) dungeon master
4.4BSD/Lite2 dmesg(8) display the system message buffer
4.4BSD/Lite2 dump(8) filesystem backup
4.4BSD/Lite2 dumpfs(8) dump file system information
4.4BSD/Lite2 dumplfs(8) dump file system information
4.4BSD/Lite2 edquota(8) edit user quotas
4.4BSD/Lite2 ext_srvtab(8) extract service key files from Kerberos key distribution center database
4.4BSD/Lite2 fastboot(8) reboot/halt the system without checking the disks
4.4BSD/Lite2 fasthalt(8) reboot/halt the system without checking the disks
4.4BSD/Lite2 fingerd(8) remote user information server
4.4BSD/Lite2 fsck(8) filesystem consistency check and interactive repair
4.4BSD/Lite2 fsinfo(8) co-ordinate site-wide filesystem information
4.4BSD/Lite2 ftpd(8) Internet File Transfer Protocol server
4.4BSD/Lite2 getty(8) set terminal mode
4.4BSD/Lite2 halt(8) stopping and restarting the system
4.4BSD/Lite2 ifconfig(8) configure network interface parameters
4.4BSD/Lite2 inetd(8) internet ``super-server''
4.4BSD/Lite2 init(8) process control initialization
4.4BSD/Lite2 intro(8) introduction to system maintenance and operation commands
4.4BSD/Lite2 iostat(8) report I/O statistics
4.4BSD/Lite2 kdb_destroy(8) destroy Kerberos key distribution center database
4.4BSD/Lite2 kdb_edit(8) Kerberos key distribution center database editing utility
4.4BSD/Lite2 kdb_init(8) initialize Kerberos key distribution center database
4.4BSD/Lite2 kdb_util(8) Kerberos key distribution center database utility
4.4BSD/Lite2 kgmon(8) generate a dump of the operating system's profile buffers
4.4BSD/Lite2 kpasswdd(8) Kerberos password changing daemon
4.4BSD/Lite2 kstash(8) stash Kerberos key distribution center database master key
4.4BSD/Lite2 kvm_mkdb(8) create kernel database
4.4BSD/Lite2 lfs_cleanerd(8) garbage collect a log-structured file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 lpc(8) line printer control program
4.4BSD/Lite2 lpd(8) line printer spooler daemon
4.4BSD/Lite2 mail.local(8) store mail in a mailbox
4.4BSD/Lite2 make_keypair(8) generate Kerberos host key pair
4.4BSD/Lite2 makekey(8) make encrypted keys or passwords
4.4BSD/Lite2 makemap(8) create database maps for sendmail
4.4BSD/Lite2 mfs(8) construct a new file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 mk-amd-map(8) create database maps for Amd
4.4BSD/Lite2 mknod(8) build special file
4.4BSD/Lite2 mkproto(8) construct a prototype file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount(8) mount file systems
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount_cd9660(8) mount an ISO-9660 filesystem
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount_fdesc(8) mount the file-descriptor file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount_kernfs(8) mount the /kern file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount_lfs(8) mount a log-structured file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount_mfs(8) construct a new file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount_nfs(8) mount nfs file systems
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount_null(8) mount a loopback filesystem sub-tree; demonstrate the use of a null file system layer
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount_portal(8) mount the portal daemon
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount_procfs(8) mount the process file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount_umap(8) sample file system layer
4.4BSD/Lite2 mount_union(8) mount union filesystems
4.4BSD/Lite2 mountd(8) service remote NFS mount requests
4.4BSD/Lite2 mtree(8) map a directory hierarchy
4.4BSD/Lite2 named-xfer(8) ancillary agent for inbound zone transfers
4.4BSD/Lite2 named(8) Internet domain name server
4.4BSD/Lite2 named.reload(8) cause the name server to synchronize its database
4.4BSD/Lite2 named.restart(8) stop and restart the name server
4.4BSD/Lite2 newfs(8) construct a new file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 newlfs(8) construct a new LFS file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 nfsd(8) remote NFS server
4.4BSD/Lite2 nfsiod(8) local NFS asynchronous I/O server
4.4BSD/Lite2 nologin(8) politely refuse a login
4.4BSD/Lite2 nslookup(8) query Internet name servers interactively
4.4BSD/Lite2 pac(8) printer/plotter accounting information
4.4BSD/Lite2 ping(8) send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
4.4BSD/Lite2 portmap(8) DARPA port to RPC program number mapper
4.4BSD/Lite2 pwd_mkdb(8) generate the password databases
4.4BSD/Lite2 quot(8) display total block usage per user for a file
4.4BSD/Lite2 quotacheck(8) filesystem quota consistency checker
4.4BSD/Lite2 quotaoff(8) turn filesystem quotas on and off
4.4BSD/Lite2 quotaon(8) turn filesystem quotas on and off
4.4BSD/Lite2 rbootd(8) HP remote boot server
4.4BSD/Lite2 rc(8) command script for auto-reboot and daemons
4.4BSD/Lite2 rdump(8) filesystem backup
4.4BSD/Lite2 reboot(8) stopping and restarting the system
4.4BSD/Lite2 registerd(8) Kerberos registration daemon
4.4BSD/Lite2 repquota(8) summarize quotas for a file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 restore(8) restore files or file systems from backups made with dump
4.4BSD/Lite2 rexecd(8) remote execution server
4.4BSD/Lite2 rlogind(8) remote login server
4.4BSD/Lite2 rmail(8) handle remote mail received via uucp
4.4BSD/Lite2 rmt(8) remote magtape protocol module
4.4BSD/Lite2 route(8) manually manipulate the routing tables.
4.4BSD/Lite2 routed(8) network routing daemon
4.4BSD/Lite2 rrestore(8) restore files or file systems from backups made with dump
4.4BSD/Lite2 rshd(8) remote shell server
4.4BSD/Lite2 rwhod(8) system status server
4.4BSD/Lite2 savecore(8) save a core dump of the operating system
4.4BSD/Lite2 scsiformat(8) format SCSI disks and show SCSI parameters
4.4BSD/Lite2 sendmail(8) send mail over the internet
4.4BSD/Lite2 shutdown(8) close down the system at a given time
4.4BSD/Lite2 slattach(8) attach serial lines as network interfaces
4.4BSD/Lite2 slip(8) attach serial lines as network interfaces
4.4BSD/Lite2 sliplogin(8) attach a serial line network interface
4.4BSD/Lite2 startslip(8) dial up and login to a slip server
4.4BSD/Lite2 sticky(8) sticky text and append-only directories
4.4BSD/Lite2 swapon(8) specify additional device for paging and swapping
4.4BSD/Lite2 sync(8) force completion of pending disk writes (flush cache)
4.4BSD/Lite2 sysctl(8) get or set kernel state
4.4BSD/Lite2 syslogd(8) log systems messages
4.4BSD/Lite2 talkd(8) remote user communication server
4.4BSD/Lite2 telnetd(8) DARPA TELNET protocol server
4.4BSD/Lite2 tftpd(8) Internet Trivial File Transfer Protocol server
4.4BSD/Lite2 timed(8) time server daemon
4.4BSD/Lite2 timedc(8) timed control program
4.4BSD/Lite2 traceroute(8) print the route packets take to network host
4.4BSD/Lite2 trpt(8) transliterate protocol trace
4.4BSD/Lite2 trsp(8) transliterate sequenced packet protocol trace
4.4BSD/Lite2 tunefs(8) tune up an existing file system
4.4BSD/Lite2 umount(8) unmount filesystems
4.4BSD/Lite2 update(8) flush internal filesystem caches to disk frequently
4.4BSD/Lite2 uucico(8) transfer files queued by uucp or uux
4.4BSD/Lite2 uuclean(8) uucp spool directory clean-up
4.4BSD/Lite2 uupoll(8) poll a remote UUCP site
4.4BSD/Lite2 uusnap(8) show snapshot of the UUCP system
4.4BSD/Lite2 uuxqt(8) UUCP execution file interpreter
4.4BSD/Lite2 vipw(8) edit the password file
4.4BSD/Lite2 vmstat(8) report virtual memory statistics
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