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4.2BSD ac(8) login accounting
4.2BSD accton(8) system accounting
4.2BSD adduser(8) procedure for adding new users
4.2BSD analyze(8) Virtual UNIX postmortem crash analyzer
4.2BSD arcv(8) convert archives to new format
4.2BSD arff(8) archiver and copier for floppy
4.2BSD bad144(8) read/write dec standard 144 bad sector information
4.2BSD badsect(8) create files to contain bad sectors
4.2BSD bugfiler(8) file bug reports in folders automatically
4.2BSD catman(8) create the cat files for the manual
4.2BSD chown(8) change owner
4.2BSD clri(8) clear i-node
4.2BSD comsat(8) biff server
4.2BSD config(8) build system configuration files
4.2BSD crash(8) what happens when the system crashes
4.2BSD cron(8) clock daemon
4.2BSD dcheck(8) file system directory consistency check
4.2BSD diskpart(8) calculate default disk partition sizes
4.2BSD dmesg(8) collect system diagnostic messages to form error log
4.2BSD drtest(8) standalone disk test program
4.2BSD dump(8) incremental file system dump
4.2BSD dumpfs(8) dump file system information
4.2BSD edquota(8) edit user quotas
4.2BSD fastboot(8) reboot/halt the system without checking the disks
4.2BSD flcopy(8) reboot/halt the system without checking the disks
4.2BSD format(8) how to format disk packs
4.2BSD fsck(8) file system consistency check and interactive repair
4.2BSD ftpd(8) DARPA Internet File Transfer Protocol server
4.2BSD gettable(8) get NIC format host tables from a host
4.2BSD getty(8) set terminal mode
4.2BSD halt(8) stop the processor
4.2BSD htable(8) convert NIC standard format host tables
4.2BSD icheck(8) file system storage consistency check
4.2BSD ifconfig(8) configure network interface parameters
4.2BSD implog(8) IMP log interpreter
4.2BSD implogd(8) IMP logger process
4.2BSD init(8) process control initialization
4.2BSD intro(8) introduction to system maintenance and operation commands
4.2BSD kgmon(8) generate a dump of the operating system's profile buffers
4.2BSD lpc(8) line printer control program
4.2BSD lpd(8) line printer daemon
4.2BSD makedev(8) make system special files
4.2BSD makekey(8) generate encryption key
4.2BSD mkfs(8) construct a file system
4.2BSD mklost+found(8) make a lost+found directory for fsck
4.2BSD mknod(8) build special file
4.2BSD mkproto(8) construct a prototype file system
4.2BSD mount(8) mount and dismount file system
4.2BSD ncheck(8) generate names from i-numbers
4.2BSD newfs(8) construct a new file system
4.2BSD pac(8) printer/ploter accounting information
4.2BSD pstat(8) print system facts
4.2BSD quot(8) summarize file system ownership
4.2BSD quotacheck(8) file system quota consistency checker
4.2BSD quotaoff(8) turn file system quotas on and off
4.2BSD quotaon(8) turn file system quotas on and off
4.2BSD rc(8) command script for auto-reboot and daemons
4.2BSD rdump(8) file system dump across the network
4.2BSD reboot(8) UNIX bootstrapping procedures
4.2BSD renice(8) alter priority of running processes
4.2BSD repquota(8) summarize quotas for a file system
4.2BSD restore(8) incremental file system restore
4.2BSD rexecd(8) remote execution server
4.2BSD rlogind(8) remote login server
4.2BSD rmt(8) remote magtape protocol module
4.2BSD route(8) manually manipulate the routing tables
4.2BSD routed(8) network routing daemon
4.2BSD rrestore(8) restore a file system dump across the network
4.2BSD rshd(8) remote shell server
4.2BSD rwhod(8) system status server
4.2BSD rxformat(8) format floppy disks
4.2BSD sa(8) system accounting
4.2BSD savecore(8) save a core dump of the operating system
4.2BSD sendmail(8) send mail over the internet
4.2BSD shutdown(8) close down the system at a given time
4.2BSD sticky(8) executable files with persistent text
4.2BSD swapon(8) specify additional device for paging and swapping
4.2BSD sync(8) update the super block
4.2BSD syslog(8) log systems messages
4.2BSD telnetd(8) DARPA TELNET protocol server
4.2BSD tftpd(8) DARPA Trivial File Transfer Protocol server
4.2BSD trpt(8) transliterate protocol trace
4.2BSD tunefs(8) tune up an existing file system
4.2BSD umount(8) mount and dismount file system
4.2BSD update(8) periodically update the super block
4.2BSD uuclean(8) uucp spool directory clean-up
4.2BSD uusnap(8) show snapshot of the UUCP system
4.2BSD vipw(8) edit the password file
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