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NetBSD 2.0 adventure(6) an exploration game
NetBSD 2.0 arithmetic(6) quiz on simple arithmetic
NetBSD 2.0 atc(6) air traffic controller game
NetBSD 2.0 backgammon(6) the game of backgammon
NetBSD 2.0 banner(6) print large banner on printer
NetBSD 2.0 battlestar(6) a tropical adventure game
NetBSD 2.0 bcd(6) reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code
NetBSD 2.0 boggle(6) word search game
NetBSD 2.0 caesar(6) decrypt caesar ciphers
NetBSD 2.0 canfield(6) the solitaire card game canfield
NetBSD 2.0 countmail(6) be obnoxious about how much mail you have
NetBSD 2.0 cribbage(6) the card game cribbage
NetBSD 2.0 dab(6) Dots and Boxes game
NetBSD 2.0 factor(6) factor a number
NetBSD 2.0 fish(6) play ``Go Fish''
NetBSD 2.0 fortune(6) print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
NetBSD 2.0 gomoku(6) game of 5 in a row
NetBSD 2.0 hack(6) exploring The Dungeons of Doom
NetBSD 2.0 hangman(6) computer version of the game hangman
NetBSD 2.0 hunt(6) a multi-player multi-terminal game
NetBSD 2.0 huntd(6) hunt daemon, back-end for hunt game
NetBSD 2.0 intro(6) introduction to online games
NetBSD 2.0 larn(6) exploring the caverns of Larn
NetBSD 2.0 mille(6) play Mille Bornes
NetBSD 2.0 monop(6) Monopoly game
NetBSD 2.0 morse(6) reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code
NetBSD 2.0 number(6) convert Arabic numerals to English
NetBSD 2.0 phantasia(6) an interterminal fantasy game
NetBSD 2.0 pig(6) eformatray inputway asway Igpay Atinlay
NetBSD 2.0 pom(6) display the phase of the moon
NetBSD 2.0 ppt(6) reformat input as punch cards, paper tape or morse code
NetBSD 2.0 primes(6) generate primes
NetBSD 2.0 quiz(6) random knowledge tests
NetBSD 2.0 rain(6) animated raindrops display
NetBSD 2.0 random(6) random lines from a file or random numbers
NetBSD 2.0 robots(6) fight off villainous robots
NetBSD 2.0 rogue(6) exploring The Dungeons of Doom
NetBSD 2.0 rot13(6) decrypt caesar ciphers
NetBSD 2.0 sail(6) multi-user wooden ships and iron men
NetBSD 2.0 snake(6) display chase game
NetBSD 2.0 tetris(6) the game of tetris
NetBSD 2.0 trek(6) trekkie game
NetBSD 2.0 wargames(6) shall we play a game?
NetBSD 2.0 worm(6) Play the growing worm game
NetBSD 2.0 worms(6) animate worms on a display terminal
NetBSD 2.0 wtf(6) translates acronyms for you
NetBSD 2.0 wump(6) hunt the wumpus in an underground cave
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