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4.2BSD aardvark(6) yet another exploration game
4.2BSD adventure(6) an exploration game
4.2BSD arithmetic(6) provide drill in number facts
4.2BSD backgammon(6) the game
4.2BSD banner(6) print large banner on printer
4.2BSD bcd(6) convert to antique media
4.2BSD boggle(6) play the game of boggle
4.2BSD canfield(6) the solitaire card game canfield
4.2BSD chess(6) the game of chess
4.2BSD ching(6) the book of changes and other cookies
4.2BSD cribbage(6) the card game cribbage
4.2BSD doctor(6) interact with a psychoanalyst
4.2BSD fish(6) play ``Go Fish''
4.2BSD fortune(6) print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
4.2BSD hangman(6) Computer version of the game hangman
4.2BSD mille(6) play Mille Bournes
4.2BSD monop(6) Monopoly game
4.2BSD number(6) convert Arabic numerals to English
4.2BSD quiz(6) test your knowledge
4.2BSD rain(6) animated raindrops display
4.2BSD rogue(6) Exploring The Dungeons of Doom
4.2BSD snake(6) display chase game
4.2BSD snscore(6) display chase game
4.2BSD trek(6) trekkie game
4.2BSD worm(6) Play the growing worm game
4.2BSD worms(6) animate worms on a display terminal
4.2BSD wump(6) the game of hunt-the-wumpus
4.2BSD zork(6) the game of dungeon
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