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4.4BSD/Lite2 a.out(5) format of executable binary files
4.4BSD/Lite2 acct(5) execution accounting file
4.4BSD/Lite2 aliases(5) aliases file for sendmail
4.4BSD/Lite2 ar(5) archive (library) file format
4.4BSD/Lite2 core(5) memory image file format
4.4BSD/Lite2 crontab(5) chronological services schedule file
4.4BSD/Lite2 dir(5) directory file format
4.4BSD/Lite2 disklabel(5) disk pack label
4.4BSD/Lite2 disktab(5) disk description file
4.4BSD/Lite2 dm.conf(5) dm configuration file
4.4BSD/Lite2 exports(5) define remote mount points for NFS mount requests
4.4BSD/Lite2 fs(5) format of file system volume
4.4BSD/Lite2 fstab(5) static information about the filesystems
4.4BSD/Lite2 gettytab(5) terminal configuration data base
4.4BSD/Lite2 groff_font(5) format of groff device and font description files
4.4BSD/Lite2 groff_out(5) groff intermediate output format
4.4BSD/Lite2 group(5) format of the group permissions file
4.4BSD/Lite2 hosts(5) host name data base
4.4BSD/Lite2 inetd(5) internet ``super-server''
4.4BSD/Lite2 inode(5) format of file system volume
4.4BSD/Lite2 krb.conf(5) Kerberos configuration file
4.4BSD/Lite2 krb.realms(5) host to Kerberos realm translation file
4.4BSD/Lite2 man.conf(5) configuration file for man(1)
4.4BSD/Lite2 map3270(5) database for mapping ascii keystrokes into IBM 3270 keys
4.4BSD/Lite2 netgroup(5) defines network groups
4.4BSD/Lite2 networks(5) network name data base
4.4BSD/Lite2 passwd(5) format of the password file
4.4BSD/Lite2 phones(5) remote host phone number data base
4.4BSD/Lite2 printcap(5) printer capability data base
4.4BSD/Lite2 protocols(5) protocol name data base
4.4BSD/Lite2 ranlib(5) archive (library) table-of-contents format
4.4BSD/Lite2 remote(5) remote host description file
4.4BSD/Lite2 resolver(5) resolver configuration file
4.4BSD/Lite2 services(5) service name data base
4.4BSD/Lite2 shells(5) shell database
4.4BSD/Lite2 stab(5) symbol table types
4.4BSD/Lite2 syslog.conf(5) syslogd(8) configuration file
4.4BSD/Lite2 termcap(5) terminal capability data base
4.4BSD/Lite2 ttys(5) terminal initialization information
4.4BSD/Lite2 types(5) system data types
4.4BSD/Lite2 tzfile(5) time zone information
4.4BSD/Lite2 utmp(5) login records
4.4BSD/Lite2 uuencode.format(5) format of an encoded uuencode file
4.4BSD/Lite2 vgrindefs(5) language definition data base for vgrind(1)
4.4BSD/Lite2 wtmp(5) login records
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