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4.2BSD a.out(5) assembler and link editor output
4.2BSD acct(5) execution accounting file
4.2BSD aliases(5) aliases file for sendmail
4.2BSD ar(5) archive (library) file format
4.2BSD core(5) format of memory image file
4.2BSD dir(5) format of directories
4.2BSD disktab(5) disk description file
4.2BSD dump(5) incremental dump format
4.2BSD fs(5) format of file system volume
4.2BSD fstab(5) static information about the filesystems
4.2BSD gettytab(5) terminal configuration data base
4.2BSD group(5) group file
4.2BSD hosts(5) host name data base
4.2BSD mtab(5) mounted file system table
4.2BSD networks(5) network name data base
4.2BSD passwd(5) password file
4.2BSD phones(5) remote host phone number data base
4.2BSD plot(5) graphics interface
4.2BSD printcap(5) printer capability data base
4.2BSD protocols(5) protocol name data base
4.2BSD remote(5) remote host description file
4.2BSD services(5) service name data base
4.2BSD stab(5) symbol table types
4.2BSD tar(5) tape archive file format
4.2BSD termcap(5) terminal capability data base
4.2BSD tp(5) DEC/mag tape formats
4.2BSD ttys(5) terminal initialization data
4.2BSD ttytype(5) data base of terminal types by port
4.2BSD types(5) primitive system data types
4.2BSD utmp(5) login records
4.2BSD uuencode(5) format of an encoded uuencode file
4.2BSD vfont(5) font formats for the Benson-Varian or Versatec
4.2BSD vgrindefs(5) vgrind's language definition data base
4.2BSD wtmp(5) login records
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