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4.2BSD acc(4) ACC LH/DH IMP interface
4.2BSD ad(4) Data Translation A/D converter
4.2BSD arp(4) Address Resolution Protocol
4.2BSD autoconf(4) diagnostics from the autoconfiguration code
4.2BSD bk(4) line discipline for machine-machine communication (obsolete)
4.2BSD cons(4) VAX-11 console interface
4.2BSD css(4) DEC IMP-11A LH/DH IMP interface
4.2BSD ct(4) phototypesetter interface
4.2BSD dh(4) DH-11/DM-11 communications multiplexer
4.2BSD dmc(4) DEC DMC-11/DMR-11 point-to-point communications device
4.2BSD dmf(4) DMF-32, terminal multiplexor
4.2BSD dn(4) DN-11 autocall unit interface
4.2BSD drum(4) paging device
4.2BSD dz(4) DZ-11 communications multiplexer
4.2BSD ec(4) 3Com 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
4.2BSD en(4) Xerox 3 Mb/s Ethernet interface
4.2BSD fl(4) console floppy interface
4.2BSD hk(4) RK6-11/RK06 and RK07 moving head disk
4.2BSD hp(4) MASSBUS disk interface
4.2BSD ht(4) TM-03/TE-16,TU-45,TU-77 MASSBUS magtape interface
4.2BSD hy(4) Network Systems Hyperchannel interface
4.2BSD ik(4) Ikonas frame buffer, graphics device interface
4.2BSD il(4) Interlan 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
4.2BSD imp(4) 1822 network interface
4.2BSD inet(4) Internet protocol family
4.2BSD intro(4) introduction to special files and hardware support
4.2BSD ip(4) Internet Protocol
4.2BSD kg(4) KL-11/DL-11W line clock
4.2BSD kmem(4) main memory
4.2BSD lo(4) software loopback network interface
4.2BSD lp(4) line printer
4.2BSD mem(4) main memory
4.2BSD mt(4) TM78/TU-78 MASSBUS magtape interface
4.2BSD mtio(4) UNIX magtape interface
4.2BSD null(4) data sink
4.2BSD pcl(4) DEC CSS PCL-11 B Network Interface
4.2BSD ps(4) Evans and Sutherland Picture System 2 graphics device interface
4.2BSD pty(4) pseudo terminal driver
4.2BSD pup(4) Xerox PUP-I protocol family
4.2BSD rx(4) DEC RX02 floppy disk interface
4.2BSD tcp(4) Internet Transmission Control Protocol
4.2BSD tm(4) TM-11/TE-10 magtape interface
4.2BSD ts(4) TS-11 magtape interface
4.2BSD tty(4) general terminal interface
4.2BSD tu(4) VAX-11/730 and VAX-11/750 TU58 console cassette interface
4.2BSD uda(4) UDA-50 disk controller interface
4.2BSD udp(4) Internet User Datagram Protocol
4.2BSD un(4) Ungermann-Bass interface
4.2BSD up(4) unibus storage module controller/drives
4.2BSD ut(4) UNIBUS TU45 tri-density tape drive interface
4.2BSD uu(4) TU58/DECtape II UNIBUS cassette interface
4.2BSD va(4) Benson-Varian interface
4.2BSD vp(4) Versatec interface
4.2BSD vv(4) Proteon proNET 10 Megabit ring
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