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AT&T Plan9 0intro(3) introduction to the Plan 9 devices
AT&T Plan9 INDEX(3) introduction to the Plan 9 devices
AT&T Plan9 arp(3) Internet Address Resolution Protocol
AT&T Plan9 async(3) framing for a serial line to Datakit
AT&T Plan9 audio(3) digital audio input and output
AT&T Plan9 bit(3) screen graphics, mouse
AT&T Plan9 cdrom(3) CD-ROM disk interface
AT&T Plan9 cons(3) console, clocks, process/process group ids, user, null, klog, stats, lights, noise, sysstat, hz, swap, key, hostowner, hostdomain, authenticate, authcheck, authenticator
AT&T Plan9 cyc(3) Cyclone fiber interface
AT&T Plan9 datakit(3) Datakit interface
AT&T Plan9 dk(3) Datakit conversations
AT&T Plan9 dup(3) dups of open files
AT&T Plan9 env(3) environment variables
AT&T Plan9 fcall(3) recreate packet delimiters
AT&T Plan9 floppy(3) floppy disk interface
AT&T Plan9 i82365(3) Personal Computer Memory Card Interface Association (PCMCIA) device
AT&T Plan9 ip(3) TCP, UDP, IL network protocols over IP
AT&T Plan9 iproute(3) Internet route table manager
AT&T Plan9 kprof(3) kernel profiling
AT&T Plan9 lance(3) LANCE Ethernet device
AT&T Plan9 lpt(3) parallel port interface for PC's
AT&T Plan9 mnt(3) attach to 9P servers
AT&T Plan9 pipe(3) two-way interprocess communication
AT&T Plan9 proc(3) running processes
AT&T Plan9 reboot(3) reboot CPU after loss of file server connection
AT&T Plan9 root(3) the root file system
AT&T Plan9 rtc(3) real-time clock and non-volatile RAM
AT&T Plan9 scc(3) serial communication control
AT&T Plan9 scsi(3) SCSI command interface
AT&T Plan9 srv(3) server registry
AT&T Plan9 stream(3) a structure for communications
AT&T Plan9 vga(3) VGA controller device
AT&T Plan9 wren(3) hard disk interface
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