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4.2BSD abort(3) generate a fault
4.2BSD abs(3) integer absolute value
4.2BSD access(3) determine accessability of a file
4.2BSD alarm(3) schedule signal after specified time
4.2BSD assert(3) program verification
4.2BSD atof(3) convert ASCII to numbers
4.2BSD bessel(3) of two kinds for integer orders
4.2BSD bit(3) and, or, xor, not, rshift, lshift bitwise functions
4.2BSD bstring(3) bit and byte string operations
4.2BSD byteorder(3) convert values between host and network byte order
4.2BSD chdir(3) change default directory
4.2BSD chmod(3) change mode of a file
4.2BSD crypt(3) DES encryption
4.2BSD ctime(3) convert date and time to ASCII
4.2BSD ctype(3) character classification macros
4.2BSD curses(3) screen functions with ``optimal'' cursor motion
4.2BSD dbm(3) data base subroutines
4.2BSD directory(3) directory operations
4.2BSD ecvt(3) output conversion
4.2BSD end(3) last locations in program
4.2BSD etime(3) return elapsed execution time
4.2BSD execl(3) execute a file
4.2BSD exit(3) terminate a process after flushing any pending output
4.2BSD exp(3) exponential, logarithm, power, square root
4.2BSD fclose(3) close or flush a stream
4.2BSD fdate(3) return date and time in an ASCII string
4.2BSD ferror(3) stream status inquiries
4.2BSD flmin(3) return extreme values
4.2BSD floor(3) absolute value, floor, ceiling functions
4.2BSD flush(3) flush output to a logical unit
4.2BSD fopen(3) open a stream
4.2BSD fork(3) create a copy of this process
4.2BSD fortran(3) introduction to FORTRAN library functions
4.2BSD fread(3) buffered binary input/output
4.2BSD frexp(3) split into mantissa and exponent
4.2BSD fseek(3) reposition a file on a logical unit
4.2BSD ftime(3) get date and time
4.2BSD gamma(3) log gamma function
4.2BSD getarg(3) return command line arguments
4.2BSD getc(3) get a character from a logical unit
4.2BSD getcwd(3) get pathname of current working directory
4.2BSD getdisk(3) get disk description by its name
4.2BSD getenv(3) value for environment name
4.2BSD getfsent(3) get file system descriptor file entry
4.2BSD getgrent(3) get group file entry
4.2BSD gethostent(3) get network host entry
4.2BSD getlog(3) get user's login name
4.2BSD getlogin(3) get login name
4.2BSD getnetent(3) get network entry
4.2BSD getpass(3) read a password
4.2BSD getpid(3) get process id
4.2BSD getprotoent(3) get protocol entry
4.2BSD getpw(3) get name from uid
4.2BSD getpwent(3) get password file entry
4.2BSD gets(3) get a string from a stream
4.2BSD getservent(3) get service entry
4.2BSD getuid(3) get user or group ID of the caller
4.2BSD getwd(3) get current working directory pathname
4.2BSD gtty(3) set and get terminal state (defunct)
4.2BSD hostnm(3) get name of current host
4.2BSD hypot(3) Euclidean distance
4.2BSD idate(3) return date or time in numerical form
4.2BSD index(3) tell about character objects
4.2BSD inet(3) Internet address manipulation routines
4.2BSD initgroups(3) initialize group access list
4.2BSD insque(3) insert/remove element from a queue
4.2BSD intro(3) introduction to library functions
4.2BSD ioinit(3) change f77 I/O initialization
4.2BSD j0(3) bessel functions
4.2BSD kill(3) send a signal to a process
4.2BSD lib2648(3) subroutines for the HP 2648 graphics terminal
4.2BSD link(3) make a link to an existing file
4.2BSD loc(3) return the address of an object
4.2BSD long(3) integer object conversion
4.2BSD malloc(3) memory allocator
4.2BSD math(3) introduction to mathematical library functions
4.2BSD mktemp(3) make a unique file name
4.2BSD monitor(3) prepare execution profile
4.2BSD network(3) prepare execution profile
4.2BSD nice(3) set program priority
4.2BSD nlist(3) get entries from name list
4.2BSD pause(3) stop until signal
4.2BSD perror(3) system error messages
4.2BSD plot(3) graphics interface
4.2BSD popen(3) initiate I/O to/from a process
4.2BSD printf(3) formatted output conversion
4.2BSD psignal(3) system signal messages
4.2BSD putc(3) write a character to a fortran logical unit
4.2BSD puts(3) put a string on a stream
4.2BSD qsort(3) quicker sort
4.2BSD rand(3) random number generator
4.2BSD random(3) better random number generator; routines for changing generators
4.2BSD rcmd(3) routines for returning a stream to a remote command
4.2BSD regex(3) regular expression handler
4.2BSD rename(3) rename a file
4.2BSD rexec(3) return stream to a remote command
4.2BSD scandir(3) scan a directory
4.2BSD scanf(3) formatted input conversion
4.2BSD setbuf(3) assign buffering to a stream
4.2BSD setgid(3) assign buffering to a stream
4.2BSD setjmp(3) non-local goto
4.2BSD setuid(3) set user and group ID
4.2BSD signal(3) simplified software signal facilities
4.2BSD sin(3) trigonometric functions
4.2BSD sinh(3) hyperbolic functions
4.2BSD sleep(3) suspend execution for interval
4.2BSD stat(3) get file status
4.2BSD stdio(3) standard buffered input/output package
4.2BSD string(3) string operations
4.2BSD stty(3) set and get terminal state (defunct)
4.2BSD swab(3) swap bytes
4.2BSD syslog(3) control system log
4.2BSD system(3) issue a shell command
4.2BSD termcap(3) terminal independent operation routines
4.2BSD time(3) get date and time
4.2BSD times(3) get process times
4.2BSD topen(3) f77 tape I/O
4.2BSD traper(3) trap arithmetic errors
4.2BSD trapov(3) trap and repair floating point overflow
4.2BSD trpfpe(3) trap and repair floating point faults
4.2BSD ttynam(3) find name of a terminal port
4.2BSD ttyname(3) find name of a terminal
4.2BSD ungetc(3) push character back into input stream
4.2BSD unlink(3) remove a directory entry
4.2BSD utime(3) set file times
4.2BSD valloc(3) aligned memory allocator
4.2BSD varargs(3) variable argument list
4.2BSD vlimit(3) control maximum system resource consumption
4.2BSD vtimes(3) get information about resource utilization
4.2BSD wait(3) wait for a process to terminate
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