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4.4BSD/Lite2 Mail(1) send and receive mail
4.4BSD/Lite2 [(1) condition evaluation utility
4.4BSD/Lite2 addftinfo(1) add information to troff font files for use with groff
4.4BSD/Lite2 afmtodit(1) create font files for use with groff -Tps
4.4BSD/Lite2 alias(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 amq(1) automounter query tool
4.4BSD/Lite2 apply(1) apply a command to a set of arguments
4.4BSD/Lite2 apropos(1) locate commands by keyword lookup
4.4BSD/Lite2 ar(1) create and maintain library archives
4.4BSD/Lite2 at(1) schedule execution of commands `at' a given time
4.4BSD/Lite2 atq(1) display the at(1) job queue
4.4BSD/Lite2 atrm(1) remove jobs spooled by at(1)
4.4BSD/Lite2 awk(1) pattern scanning and processing language
4.4BSD/Lite2 basename(1) return filename or directory portion of pathname
4.4BSD/Lite2 bdes(1) encrypt/decrypt using the Data Encryption Standard
4.4BSD/Lite2 bg(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 biff(1) be notified if mail arrives and who it is from
4.4BSD/Lite2 cal(1) displays a calendar
4.4BSD/Lite2 calendar(1) reminder service
4.4BSD/Lite2 cap_mkdb(1) create capability database
4.4BSD/Lite2 cat(1) concatenate and print files
4.4BSD/Lite2 cd(1) change working directory
4.4BSD/Lite2 checknr(1) check nroff/troff files
4.4BSD/Lite2 chflags(1) change file flags
4.4BSD/Lite2 chfn(1) add or change user database information
4.4BSD/Lite2 chgrp(1) change group
4.4BSD/Lite2 chmod(1) change file modes
4.4BSD/Lite2 chpass(1) add or change user database information
4.4BSD/Lite2 chsh(1) add or change user database information
4.4BSD/Lite2 cksum(1) display file checksums and block counts
4.4BSD/Lite2 clear(1) terminal capability interface
4.4BSD/Lite2 cmp(1) compare two files
4.4BSD/Lite2 col(1) filter reverse line feeds from input
4.4BSD/Lite2 colcrt(1) filter nroff output for CRT previewing
4.4BSD/Lite2 colrm(1) remove columns from a file
4.4BSD/Lite2 column(1) columnate lists
4.4BSD/Lite2 comm(1) select or reject lines common to two files
4.4BSD/Lite2 cp(1) copy files
4.4BSD/Lite2 csh(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 ctags(1) create a tags file
4.4BSD/Lite2 cu(1) connect to a remote system
4.4BSD/Lite2 cut(1) select portions of each line of a file
4.4BSD/Lite2 date(1) display or set date and time
4.4BSD/Lite2 dd(1) convert and copy a file
4.4BSD/Lite2 df(1) display free disk space
4.4BSD/Lite2 diff(1) differential file and directory comparator
4.4BSD/Lite2 diff3(1) 3-way differential file comparison
4.4BSD/Lite2 diffh(1) differential file and directory comparator
4.4BSD/Lite2 dig(1) send domain name query packets to name servers
4.4BSD/Lite2 dirname(1) return filename or directory portion of pathname
4.4BSD/Lite2 dirs(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 du(1) display disk usage statistics
4.4BSD/Lite2 echo(1) write arguments to the standard output
4.4BSD/Lite2 edit(1) text editor
4.4BSD/Lite2 egrep(1) file pattern searcher
4.4BSD/Lite2 env(1) print out the environment, set and print environment
4.4BSD/Lite2 eqn(1) format equations for troff
4.4BSD/Lite2 error(1) analyze and disperse compiler error messages
4.4BSD/Lite2 ex(1) text editor
4.4BSD/Lite2 expand(1) expand tabs to spaces, and vice versa
4.4BSD/Lite2 false(1) return false value
4.4BSD/Lite2 fg(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 fgrep(1) file pattern searcher
4.4BSD/Lite2 file(1) identify file content
4.4BSD/Lite2 find(1) walk a file hierarchy
4.4BSD/Lite2 finger(1) user information lookup program
4.4BSD/Lite2 fmt(1) simple text formatter
4.4BSD/Lite2 fold(1) fold long lines for finite width output device
4.4BSD/Lite2 foreach(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 fpr(1) print Fortran file
4.4BSD/Lite2 from(1) print names of those who have sent mail
4.4BSD/Lite2 fsplit(1) split a multi-routine Fortran file into individual files
4.4BSD/Lite2 fstat(1) file status
4.4BSD/Lite2 ftp(1) ARPANET file transfer program
4.4BSD/Lite2 gcore(1) get core images of running process
4.4BSD/Lite2 gprof(1) display call graph profile data
4.4BSD/Lite2 grep(1) file pattern searcher
4.4BSD/Lite2 grodvi(1) convert groff output to TeX dvi format
4.4BSD/Lite2 groff(1) front end for the groff document formatting system
4.4BSD/Lite2 grog(1) guess options for groff command
4.4BSD/Lite2 grops(1) PostScript driver for groff
4.4BSD/Lite2 grotty(1) groff driver for typewriter-like devices
4.4BSD/Lite2 groups(1) show group memberships
4.4BSD/Lite2 head(1) display first lines of a file
4.4BSD/Lite2 hexdump(1) ascii, decimal, hexadecimal, octal dump
4.4BSD/Lite2 history(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 host(1) look up host names using domain server
4.4BSD/Lite2 hostname(1) set or print name of current host system
4.4BSD/Lite2 id(1) return user identity
4.4BSD/Lite2 indent(1) indent and format C program source
4.4BSD/Lite2 indxbib(1) make inverted index for bibliographic databases
4.4BSD/Lite2 install(1) install binaries
4.4BSD/Lite2 intro(1) introduction to general commands (tools and utilities)
4.4BSD/Lite2 jobs(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 join(1) relational database operator
4.4BSD/Lite2 jot(1) print sequential or random data
4.4BSD/Lite2 kdestroy(1) destroy Kerberos tickets
4.4BSD/Lite2 kdump(1) display kernel trace data
4.4BSD/Lite2 kerberos(1) introduction to the Kerberos system
4.4BSD/Lite2 kill(1) terminate or signal a process
4.4BSD/Lite2 kinit(1) Kerberos login utility
4.4BSD/Lite2 klist(1) list currently held Kerberos tickets
4.4BSD/Lite2 ksrvtgt(1) fetch and store Kerberos ticket-granting-ticket using a service key
4.4BSD/Lite2 ktrace(1) enable kernel process tracing
4.4BSD/Lite2 lam(1) laminate files
4.4BSD/Lite2 last(1) indicate last logins of users and ttys
4.4BSD/Lite2 lastcomm(1) show last commands executed in reverse order
4.4BSD/Lite2 leave(1) remind you when you have to leave
4.4BSD/Lite2 limit(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 lkbib(1) search bibliographic databases
4.4BSD/Lite2 ln(1) make links
4.4BSD/Lite2 locate(1) find files
4.4BSD/Lite2 lock(1) reserve a terminal
4.4BSD/Lite2 logger(1) make entries in the system log
4.4BSD/Lite2 login(1) log into the computer
4.4BSD/Lite2 logname(1) display user's login name
4.4BSD/Lite2 look(1) display lines beginning with a given string
4.4BSD/Lite2 lookbib(1) search bibliographic databases
4.4BSD/Lite2 lorder(1) list dependencies for object files
4.4BSD/Lite2 lpq(1) spool queue examination program
4.4BSD/Lite2 lpr(1) off line print
4.4BSD/Lite2 lprm(1) remove jobs from the line printer spooling queue
4.4BSD/Lite2 lptest(1) generate lineprinter ripple pattern
4.4BSD/Lite2 ls(1) list directory contents
4.4BSD/Lite2 mail(1) send and receive mail
4.4BSD/Lite2 mailq(1) print the mail queue
4.4BSD/Lite2 make(1) maintain program dependencies
4.4BSD/Lite2 man(1) display the on-line manual pages
4.4BSD/Lite2 mesg(1) display (do not display) messages from other users
4.4BSD/Lite2 mkdep(1) construct Makefile dependency list
4.4BSD/Lite2 mkdir(1) make directories
4.4BSD/Lite2 mkfifo(1) make fifos
4.4BSD/Lite2 mklocale(1) make LC_CTYPE locale files
4.4BSD/Lite2 mkstr(1) create an error message file by massaging C source
4.4BSD/Lite2 more(1) file perusal filter for crt viewing
4.4BSD/Lite2 mset(1) retrieve ASCII to IBM 3270 keyboard map
4.4BSD/Lite2 msgs(1) system messages and junk mail program
4.4BSD/Lite2 mt(1) magnetic tape manipulating program
4.4BSD/Lite2 mv(1) move files
4.4BSD/Lite2 netstat(1) show network status
4.4BSD/Lite2 newaliases(1) rebuild the data base for the mail aliases file
4.4BSD/Lite2 nfsstat(1) display NFS statistics
4.4BSD/Lite2 nice(1) execute a command at a low scheduling priority
4.4BSD/Lite2 nm(1) display name list (symbol table)
4.4BSD/Lite2 nohup(1) invoke a command immune to hangups
4.4BSD/Lite2 nroff(1) emulate nroff command with groff
4.4BSD/Lite2 pagesize(1) print system page size
4.4BSD/Lite2 passwd(1) modify a user's password
4.4BSD/Lite2 paste(1) merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files
4.4BSD/Lite2 patch(1) a program for applying a diff file to an original
4.4BSD/Lite2 pax(1) read and write file archives and copy directory hierarchies
4.4BSD/Lite2 pfbtops(1) translate a PostScript font in .pfb format to ASCII
4.4BSD/Lite2 pic(1) compile pictures for troff or TeX
4.4BSD/Lite2 popd(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 pr(1) print files
4.4BSD/Lite2 printenv(1) print out the environment, set and print environment
4.4BSD/Lite2 printf(1) formatted output
4.4BSD/Lite2 ps(1) process status
4.4BSD/Lite2 psbb(1) extract bounding box from PostScript document
4.4BSD/Lite2 pstat(1) display system data structures
4.4BSD/Lite2 pushd(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 pwd(1) return working directory name
4.4BSD/Lite2 quota(1) display disk usage and limits
4.4BSD/Lite2 ranlib(1) table-of-contents for archive libraries
4.4BSD/Lite2 rcp(1) remote file copy
4.4BSD/Lite2 rdist(1) remote file distribution program
4.4BSD/Lite2 refer(1) preprocess bibliographic references for groff
4.4BSD/Lite2 register(1) register with Kerberos
4.4BSD/Lite2 rehash(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 renice(1) alter priority of running processes
4.4BSD/Lite2 repeat(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 reset(1) terminal initialization
4.4BSD/Lite2 rev(1) reverse lines of a file
4.4BSD/Lite2 rlogin(1) remote login
4.4BSD/Lite2 rm(1) remove directory entries
4.4BSD/Lite2 rmdir(1) remove directories
4.4BSD/Lite2 rs(1) reshape a data array
4.4BSD/Lite2 rsh(1) remote shell
4.4BSD/Lite2 ruptime(1) show host status of local machines
4.4BSD/Lite2 rwho(1) who is logged in on local machines
4.4BSD/Lite2 sccs(1) front end for the SCCS subsystem
4.4BSD/Lite2 script(1) make typescript of terminal session
4.4BSD/Lite2 sed(1) stream editor
4.4BSD/Lite2 sendbug(1) mail a system bug report to 4bsd-bugs
4.4BSD/Lite2 sh(1) command interpreter (shell)
4.4BSD/Lite2 shar(1) create a shell archive of files
4.4BSD/Lite2 showmount(1) show remote nfs mounts on host
4.4BSD/Lite2 size(1) display object file segment sizes (text, data and bss)
4.4BSD/Lite2 sleep(1) suspend execution for an interval of time
4.4BSD/Lite2 soelim(1) interpret .so requests in groff input
4.4BSD/Lite2 sort(1) sort or merge text files
4.4BSD/Lite2 source(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 split(1) split a file into pieces
4.4BSD/Lite2 stop(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 strings(1) find printable strings in a file
4.4BSD/Lite2 strip(1) remove unnecessary information from executable files
4.4BSD/Lite2 stty(1) set the options for a terminal device interface
4.4BSD/Lite2 style(1) analyze surface characteristics of a document
4.4BSD/Lite2 su(1) substitute user identity
4.4BSD/Lite2 sum(1) display file checksums and block counts
4.4BSD/Lite2 suspend(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.4BSD/Lite2 systat(1) display system statistics on a crt
4.4BSD/Lite2 tail(1) display the last part of a file
4.4BSD/Lite2 talk(1) talk to another user
4.4BSD/Lite2 tbl(1) format tables for troff
4.4BSD/Lite2 tcopy(1) copy and/or verify mag tapes
4.4BSD/Lite2 tee(1) pipe fitting
4.4BSD/Lite2 telnet(1) user interface to the TELNET protocol
4.4BSD/Lite2 test(1) condition evaluation utility
4.4BSD/Lite2 tfmtodit(1) create font files for use with groff -Tdvi
4.4BSD/Lite2 tftp(1) trivial file transfer program
4.4BSD/Lite2 time(1) time command execution
4.4BSD/Lite2 tip(1) connect to a remote system
4.4BSD/Lite2 tn3270(1) full-screen remote login to IBM VM/CMS
4.4BSD/Lite2 touch(1) change file access and modification times
4.4BSD/Lite2 tput(1) terminal capability interface
4.4BSD/Lite2 tr(1) translate characters
4.4BSD/Lite2 troff(1) format documents
4.4BSD/Lite2 true(1) return true value
4.4BSD/Lite2 tset(1) terminal initialization
4.4BSD/Lite2 tsort(1) topological sort of a directed graph
4.4BSD/Lite2 tty(1) return user's terminal name
4.4BSD/Lite2 ul(1) do underlining
4.4BSD/Lite2 umount(1) unmount filesystems
4.4BSD/Lite2 uname(1) display information about the system
4.4BSD/Lite2 unexpand(1) expand tabs to spaces, and vice versa
4.4BSD/Lite2 unifdef(1) remove ifdef'ed lines
4.4BSD/Lite2 uniq(1) report or filter out repeated lines in a file
4.4BSD/Lite2 unvis(1) revert a visual representation of data back to original form
4.4BSD/Lite2 uptime(1) show how long system has been running
4.4BSD/Lite2 users(1) list current users
4.4BSD/Lite2 vacation(1) return ``I am not here'' indication
4.4BSD/Lite2 vgrind(1) grind nice listings of programs
4.4BSD/Lite2 vi(1) screen oriented (visual) display editor based on ex
4.4BSD/Lite2 view(1) screen oriented (visual) display editor based on ex
4.4BSD/Lite2 vis(1) display non-printable characters in a visual format
4.4BSD/Lite2 w(1) who present users are and what they are doing
4.4BSD/Lite2 wait(1) await process completion
4.4BSD/Lite2 wall(1) write a message to users
4.4BSD/Lite2 wc(1) word, line, and byte count
4.4BSD/Lite2 what(1) show what versions of object modules were used to construct a file
4.4BSD/Lite2 whatis(1) describe what a command is
4.4BSD/Lite2 whereis(1) locate programs
4.4BSD/Lite2 who(1) display who is logged in
4.4BSD/Lite2 whoami(1) display effective user id
4.4BSD/Lite2 whois(1) Internet user name directory service
4.4BSD/Lite2 window(1) window environment
4.4BSD/Lite2 write(1) send a message to another user
4.4BSD/Lite2 xargs(1) construct argument list(s) and execute utility
4.4BSD/Lite2 xstr(1) extract strings from C programs to implement shared strings
4.4BSD/Lite2 yacc(1) an LALR(1) parser generator
4.4BSD/Lite2 yes(1) be repetitively affirmative
4.4BSD/Lite2 yyfix(1) extract tables from y.tab.c
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