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4.2BSD adb(1) debugger
4.2BSD addbib(1) create or extend bibliographic database
4.2BSD apply(1) apply a command to a set of arguments
4.2BSD apropos(1) locate commands by keyword lookup
4.2BSD ar(1) archive and library maintainer
4.2BSD as(1) VAX-11 assembler
4.2BSD at(1) execute commands at a later time
4.2BSD awk(1) pattern scanning and processing language
4.2BSD basename(1) strip filename affixes
4.2BSD bc(1) arbitrary-precision arithmetic language
4.2BSD biff(1) be notified if mail arrives and who it is from
4.2BSD binmail(1) send or receive mail among users
4.2BSD cal(1) print calendar
4.2BSD calendar(1) reminder service
4.2BSD cat(1) catenate and print
4.2BSD cb(1) C program beautifier
4.2BSD cc(1) C compiler
4.2BSD ccat(1) compress and uncompress files, and cat them
4.2BSD cd(1) change working directory
4.2BSD checkeq(1) typeset mathematics
4.2BSD checknr(1) check nroff/troff files
4.2BSD chfn(1) change finger entry
4.2BSD chgrp(1) change group
4.2BSD chmod(1) change mode
4.2BSD chsh(1) change default login shell
4.2BSD clear(1) clear terminal screen
4.2BSD cmp(1) compare two files
4.2BSD col(1) filter reverse line feeds
4.2BSD colcrt(1) filter nroff output for CRT previewing
4.2BSD colrm(1) remove columns from a file
4.2BSD comm(1) select or reject lines common to two sorted files
4.2BSD compact(1) compress and uncompress files, and cat them
4.2BSD cp(1) copy
4.2BSD crypt(1) encode/decode
4.2BSD csh(1) a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
4.2BSD ctags(1) create a tags file
4.2BSD cu(1) connect to a remote system
4.2BSD date(1) print and set the date
4.2BSD dbx(1) debugger
4.2BSD dc(1) desk calculator
4.2BSD dd(1) convert and copy a file
4.2BSD deroff(1) remove nroff, troff, tbl and eqn constructs
4.2BSD df(1) disk free
4.2BSD diction(1) print wordy sentences; thesaurus for diction
4.2BSD diff(1) differential file and directory comparator
4.2BSD diff3(1) 3-way differential file comparison
4.2BSD diffh(1) differential file and directory comparator
4.2BSD du(1) summarize disk usage
4.2BSD echo(1) echo arguments
4.2BSD ed(1) text editor
4.2BSD edit(1) text editor
4.2BSD efl(1) Extended Fortran Language
4.2BSD egrep(1) search a file for a pattern
4.2BSD enroll(1) secret mail
4.2BSD eqn(1) typeset mathematics
4.2BSD error(1) analyze and disperse compiler error messages
4.2BSD ex(1) text editor
4.2BSD expand(1) expand tabs to spaces, and vice versa
4.2BSD explain(1)
4.2BSD expr(1) evaluate arguments as an expression
4.2BSD eyacc(1) modified yacc allowing much improved error recovery
4.2BSD f77(1) Fortran 77 compiler
4.2BSD false(1) provide truth values
4.2BSD fed(1) font editor
4.2BSD fgrep(1) search a file for a pattern
4.2BSD file(1) determine file type
4.2BSD find(1) find files
4.2BSD finger(1) user information lookup program
4.2BSD fmt(1) simple text formatter
4.2BSD fold(1) fold long lines for finite width output device
4.2BSD fp(1) Functional Programming language compiler/interpreter
4.2BSD fpr(1) print Fortran file
4.2BSD from(1) who is my mail from?
4.2BSD fsplit(1) split a multi-routine Fortran file into individual files
4.2BSD ftp(1) file transfer program
4.2BSD gcore(1) get core images of running processes
4.2BSD gprof(1) display call graph profile data
4.2BSD graph(1) draw a graph
4.2BSD grep(1) search a file for a pattern
4.2BSD groups(1) show group memberships
4.2BSD head(1) give first few lines
4.2BSD hostid(1) set or print identifier of current host system
4.2BSD hostname(1) set or print name of current host system
4.2BSD indent(1) indent and format C program source
4.2BSD indxbib(1) build inverted index for a bibliography, find references in a bibliography
4.2BSD install(1) install binaries
4.2BSD intro(1) introduction to commands
4.2BSD iostat(1) report I/O statistics
4.2BSD join(1) relational database operator
4.2BSD kill(1) terminate a process with extreme prejudice
4.2BSD last(1) indicate last logins of users and teletypes
4.2BSD lastcomm(1) show last commands executed in reverse order
4.2BSD ld(1) link editor
4.2BSD learn(1) computer aided instruction about UNIX
4.2BSD leave(1) remind you when you have to leave
4.2BSD lex(1) generator of lexical analysis programs
4.2BSD lint(1) a C program verifier
4.2BSD lisp(1) lisp interpreter
4.2BSD liszt(1) compile a Franz Lisp program
4.2BSD ln(1) make links
4.2BSD lock(1) reserve a terminal
4.2BSD login(1) sign on
4.2BSD look(1) find lines in a sorted list
4.2BSD lookbib(1) build inverted index for a bibliography, find references in a bibliography
4.2BSD lorder(1) find ordering relation for an object library
4.2BSD lpq(1) spool queue examination program
4.2BSD lpr(1) off line print
4.2BSD lprm(1) remove jobs from the line printer spooling queue
4.2BSD ls(1) list contents of directory
4.2BSD lxref(1) lisp cross reference program
4.2BSD m4(1) macro processor
4.2BSD mail(1) send and receive mail
4.2BSD make(1) maintain program groups
4.2BSD man(1) find manual information by keywords; print out the manual
4.2BSD mesg(1) permit or deny messages
4.2BSD mkdir(1) make a directory
4.2BSD mkstr(1) create an error message file by massaging C source
4.2BSD more(1) file perusal filter for crt viewing
4.2BSD msgs(1) system messages and junk mail program
4.2BSD mt(1) magnetic tape manipulating program
4.2BSD mv(1) move or rename files
4.2BSD neqn(1) typeset mathematics
4.2BSD netstat(1) show network status
4.2BSD newaliases(1) rebuild the data base for the mail aliases file
4.2BSD nice(1) run a command at low priority (sh only)
4.2BSD nm(1) print name list
4.2BSD nohup(1) run a command at low priority (sh only)
4.2BSD nroff(1) text formatting
4.2BSD od(1) octal, decimal, hex, ascii dump
4.2BSD page(1) file perusal filter for crt viewing
4.2BSD pagesize(1) print system page size
4.2BSD passwd(1) change login password
4.2BSD pc(1) Pascal compiler
4.2BSD pdx(1) pascal debugger
4.2BSD pi(1) Pascal interpreter code translator
4.2BSD pix(1) Pascal interpreter and executor
4.2BSD plot(1) graphics filters
4.2BSD pmerge(1) pascal file merger
4.2BSD pr(1) print file
4.2BSD print(1) pr to the line printer
4.2BSD printenv(1) print out the environment
4.2BSD prmail(1) print out mail in the post office
4.2BSD prof(1) display profile data
4.2BSD ps(1) process status
4.2BSD pti(1) phototypesetter interpreter
4.2BSD ptx(1) permuted index
4.2BSD pwd(1) working directory name
4.2BSD px(1) Pascal interpreter
4.2BSD pxp(1) Pascal execution profiler
4.2BSD pxref(1) Pascal cross-reference program
4.2BSD quota(1) display disc usage and limits
4.2BSD ranlib(1) convert archives to random libraries
4.2BSD ratfor(1) rational Fortran dialect
4.2BSD rcp(1) remote file copy
4.2BSD refer(1) find and insert literature references in documents
4.2BSD reset(1) reset the teletype bits to a sensible state
4.2BSD rev(1) reverse lines of a file
4.2BSD rlogin(1) remote login
4.2BSD rm(1) remove (unlink) files or directories
4.2BSD rmail(1) handle remote mail received via uucp
4.2BSD rmdir(1) remove (unlink) directories or files
4.2BSD roffbib(1) run off bibliographic database
4.2BSD rsh(1) remote shell
4.2BSD ruptime(1) show host status of local machines
4.2BSD rwho(1) who's logged in on local machines
4.2BSD script(1) make typescript of terminal session
4.2BSD sed(1) stream editor
4.2BSD sendbug(1) mail a system bug report to 4bsd-bugs
4.2BSD sh(1) command language
4.2BSD size(1) size of an object file
4.2BSD sleep(1) suspend execution for an interval
4.2BSD soelim(1) eliminate .so's from nroff input
4.2BSD sort(1) sort or merge files
4.2BSD sortbib(1) sort bibliographic database
4.2BSD spell(1) find spelling errors
4.2BSD spellin(1) find spelling errors
4.2BSD spellout(1) find spelling errors
4.2BSD spline(1) interpolate smooth curve
4.2BSD split(1) split a file into pieces
4.2BSD strings(1) find the printable strings in a object, or other binary, file
4.2BSD strip(1) remove symbols and relocation bits
4.2BSD struct(1) structure Fortran programs
4.2BSD stty(1) set terminal options
4.2BSD style(1) analyze surface characteristics of a document
4.2BSD su(1) substitute user id temporarily
4.2BSD sum(1) sum and count blocks in a file
4.2BSD symorder(1) rearrange name list
4.2BSD sysline(1) display system status on status line of a terminal
4.2BSD tabs(1) set terminal tabs
4.2BSD tail(1) deliver the last part of a file
4.2BSD talk(1) talk to another user
4.2BSD tar(1) tape archiver
4.2BSD tbl(1) format tables for nroff or troff
4.2BSD tc(1) photoypesetter simulator
4.2BSD tee(1) pipe fitting
4.2BSD telnet(1) user interface to the TELNET protocol
4.2BSD test(1) condition command
4.2BSD time(1) time a command
4.2BSD tip(1) connect to a remote system
4.2BSD tk(1) paginator for the Tektronix 4014
4.2BSD touch(1) update date last modified of a file
4.2BSD tp(1) manipulate tape archive
4.2BSD tr(1) translate characters
4.2BSD trman(1) translate version 6 manual macros to version 7 macros
4.2BSD troff(1) text formatting and typesetting
4.2BSD true(1) provide truth values
4.2BSD tset(1) terminal dependent initialization
4.2BSD tsort(1) topological sort
4.2BSD tty(1) get terminal name
4.2BSD ul(1) do underlining
4.2BSD uncompact(1) compress and uncompress files, and cat them
4.2BSD unexpand(1) expand tabs to spaces, and vice versa
4.2BSD uniq(1) report repeated lines in a file
4.2BSD units(1) conversion program
4.2BSD uptime(1) show how long system has been up
4.2BSD users(1) compact list of users who are on the system
4.2BSD uucp(1) unix to unix copy
4.2BSD uudecode(1) encode/decode a binary file for transmission via mail
4.2BSD uuencode(1) encode/decode a binary file for transmission via mail
4.2BSD uulog(1) unix to unix copy
4.2BSD uuname(1) unix to unix copy
4.2BSD uusend(1) send a file to a remote host
4.2BSD uux(1) unix to unix command execution
4.2BSD vfontinfo(1) inspect and print out information about UNIX fonts
4.2BSD vgrind(1) grind nice listings of programs
4.2BSD vi(1) screen oriented (visual) display editor based on ex
4.2BSD vlp(1) Format Lisp programs to be printed with nroff, vtroff, or troff
4.2BSD vmstat(1) report virtual memory statistics
4.2BSD vpq(1) raster printer/plotter spooler
4.2BSD vpr(1) raster printer/plotter spooler
4.2BSD vprint(1) raster printer/plotter spooler
4.2BSD vprm(1) raster printer/plotter spooler
4.2BSD vtroff(1) troff to a raster plotter
4.2BSD vwidth(1) make troff width table for a font
4.2BSD w(1) who is on and what they are doing
4.2BSD wait(1) await completion of process
4.2BSD wall(1) write to all users
4.2BSD wc(1) word count
4.2BSD what(1) show what versions of object modules were used to construct a file
4.2BSD whatis(1) describe what a command is
4.2BSD whereis(1) locate source, binary, and or manual for program
4.2BSD which(1) locate a program file including aliases and paths (csh only)
4.2BSD who(1) who is on the system
4.2BSD whoami(1) print effective current user id
4.2BSD write(1) write to another user
4.2BSD xget(1) secret mail
4.2BSD xsend(1) secret mail
4.2BSD xstr(1) extract strings from C programs to implement shared strings
4.2BSD yacc(1) yet another compiler-compiler
4.2BSD yes(1) be repetitively affirmative
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